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The Best Sauna Experiences In The Nordics

As the ancient Chinese healing technique Gua Sha took over our beauty routines last year, we want to look into and share some traditional Nordic health and beauty routines too.

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In Conversation: Alison Allfrey – Author of ‘So Sweden: Living Differently’

Riding the wave of Scandi fascination, there’s been a growing output of books about living in Scandinavia recently. One author to share her time in Sweden is Alison Allfrey, a

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In Conversation: Benjamin Mitrofan-Norris on Bringing Finland to Bristol via The Nordic Café

With Nordic culture becoming a source of inspiration worldwide, there’s no shortage of Nordic inspired shops, buildings and restaurants. We sat down with Benjamin Mitrofan-Norris, who runs The Nordic Café, a

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Top Places to Shop Vintage & Second-Hand Clothing in Copenhagen

If you’re like me, then you’re always on the lookout for vintage shops when you travel. One of the best things about Copenhagen is the number of second-hand and vintage

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5 Best Places to Stop For Coffee in Downtown Copenhagen

When exploring downtown Copenhagen, the number of options when it comes to sitting down for a cup of coffee, can be overwhelming. You want to sit in a nice atmosphere,

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Where to Eat, Drink and Shop in Copenhagen

If you’re looking for the perfect city for a long-weekend trip, then look no further. Danish capital Copenhagen, offers the most idealistic stay. Design-led and a hub for new and

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Top Nordic Events Fall 2019

We’re looking forward to the new season with all the events it’ll bring. We’ve collected highlights from every Nordic country when it comes to happenings covering music, art, fashion, and

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Mood Board: What If I Fall? Oh Darling, What if You Fly?

Images from: Pinterest, Anne Puhlmann, Brooke DiDonato Need some more inspiration for 2019? Check out more of our moodboards >>>

Mood Board: Sea Breeze

Smell the sea. Feel the breeze. Hear the ocean. “Remember when we still could swim in the sea – before it got filled with waste? We made road trips to

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Indulge Your Senses at the Blue Lagoon’s New Retreat

Like an oasis in the middle of the lava, blue water and steam of the Blue Lagoon, the hotel building rises from the ground like a phoenix made of concrete,

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