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It’s Video Time

Woho! I know you’re just as excited as I am about this… A new video! Finally, right? And yes, I know, I know. I promised you once a week. But

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A New Video

Yes! You read it. It’s time for a new video. This is my first video with the drone that I might have, maybe (accidentally) bought a few months ago. I

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Favorite Apps on My iPhone

I love my phone, that’s no secret and I’ve always been somewhat of a tech geek. But I’m also a fan of minimalism, so when it comes to downloading apps,

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Zara Larsson’s New Music Video

It almost gets tiring to constantly write hysterical, crazy positive things about Zara Larsson. But it’s just inevitable. It’s as simple as that. So excuse my French, but damn girl. Larsson’s

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Menswear Inspiration

Hola mis amores! I know, I know. You’ve missed me. I missed you too. But I’m back. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks – final days of school, I

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The Queen of Makeup – Evelina Forsell

Evelina Forsell has over 300 000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, where she posts makeup tutorials, vlogs and fashion videos. She is a top blogger at the Swedish site Modette and

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Dj Rony Rex talks This is Finland

The ministry of foreign affairs in Finland just did something very bold, they handed over the control of their Youtube channel “This is Finland” to an exciting group of young

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How to Clean White Shoes – Tutorial

Hey there! I know, I know. I promised to give you a new video last week but I completely ditched the idea I had worked on and started all over.

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Naked (?) Outfit Video

Mo-mo-mo-Mond-YAY! Hello again! It’s time for another video. I’m really excited, as always in this blog, but I’ve had the best weekend and the best day ever.  So I guess

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My Trailer

Hey y’all! I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I had a final course essay to hand in last week and then I took a train back to

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