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Editorial: IDA

Coat: Vintage | Turtleneck: Selected Homme Denim Jacket: Nly Trend | Jeans: Nly Trend | Shoes: Adidas | Belt: Private Shirt: Beyond Retro Shirt: By Marlene Birger Coat: Myrorna Coat:

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Editorial: Pretty Punk

Dress: KAIMIN, Armlet and Ring: MURKY, Shoes: RESERVED Jacket and T-Shirt: ROBERTA EINER, Leggings: NICOPANDA, Belt: KTZ, Shoes: RESERVED, Socks and Necklace: BEYOND RETRO Jacket: DB BERDAN, Pants, Top and

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Editorial: Into Red

Beret: Casual Couture, Hoodie: Ida Sjöstedt, Jacket: Hope Earmuffs: Day Birger Et Mikkelsen, Necklace: Sophie by Sophie Earrings: KSW Jewellery, Shirt: House of Dagmar, Bag: Vagabond, Skirt: Day Birger Et Mikkelsen, Shoes: Reschia, Rings: Sophie by Sophie Jacket: House of Dagmar, Top: 365, Bag: Tommy Hilfiger, Pants: Day Birger

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Editorial: Astrid

Raincoat: Stutterheim, Top: Hodakova, Earrings: Jane Kønig Raincoat: Stutterheim, Top: Hodakova, Trousers: Alice Jardesten, Sneakers: Freddy, Rings: Morgan Borgström, Earrings: Jane Kønig Top: Alice Jardesten, Skirt: Naim Josefi, Pants: Bitte

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Editorial: Lack of Colour

  Photographer & stylist: Sabina Olson MUAH: Milla Gisselfeldt Model: Thea K at Le Management More, more, more >>>

Editorial: Line

Photographer: Maja Johansson Stylist: Anton Wang Hair & Makeup: Ester Mail Widell Models: Lukas E & Hjalmar H @ MIKAs Boys, boys, boys >>>

Editorial: Printograms

Photographer: Linda Andersson Fashion Designer and Styling: Elin Holm Hair and Makeup: Milla Paanenen Models: Frei and Lotta @ MP Stockholm MORE FASHION THIS WAY >>>

Editorial: Botanica

  Photography:  Olga Urbanek Production and Styling: Anna Koziol Wardrobe: Kvartýra №49 Hair and Makeup: Roksana Kruszewska Model: Vigdis Birna Grétarsdóttir @ Eskimo models FASHION, FASHION, FASHION >>>

Editorial: Early Bird

          Model: Alberte Treiner Photographer: Christopher Mertz Need more summer? >>>

Editorial: You Said, Fall Will Come

Focusing on the beauty and detail in fair and sustainable fashion.   Blouse: Jan N‘ June | Pullover: Lana Organic | Earrings: Vrnq | Rings: Folkdays Turtleneck: Jan N‘ June

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