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Interview: The Future Of Fashion Week And Sustainability with Cecilie Thorsmark

CEO of CPHFW Cecilie Thorsmark talks about their sustainability plan and where her love for fashion and business came from.

Editorial: Care

Focusing on sustainable brands, Hanna wears looks for the everyday, the glam and the inbetween in this editorial by Galyna Baz.

re:newcell x H&M Presents: Circulose®

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for the past few years and finding new ways to create sustainable fabrics go hand-in-hand. This year, H&M is proud

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CPHFW AW20 – Rave Review: Second-Hand Meets High-End

Merging a non-waste approach to fashion, with the thrill that is this highly polluting industry, continues to give us a task many have attempted and failed. At their debut CPHFW

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CPHFW AW20 – Carcel: The Decisive Walk Towards a Sustainable Future

Danish fashion house (with a twist) Carcel did the honours of opening Copenhagen Fashion Week this season, and they certainly did so with a blast! The show started with visuals being

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CARCEL: Defining the New Luxury

In a world where the fashion industry has been deemed polluting, wasteful and unsustainable, where the clothes are often made by anonymous, exploited workers, the Copenhagen-based luxury label Carcel, is proposing solutions

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Interview: Pernille Nadine of Søster Studio, Sustainability and Responsible Design

Norwegian sustainable luxury brand, Søster Studio, was founded in 2017 by Pernille Nadine. Committed to creating transparent, social and environmentally responsible designs, Søster Studio is a seasonless brand, deliberately crafted in

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Circulose – A Revolutionary Way To Recycle Your Worn Out Clothing

One of the biggest issues that our planet faces today, is the pollution from the fashion industry. By taking worn out cotton clothing, shredding them and disposing of all contaminants, Swedish

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6 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Environmentally Friendly

We have officially reached a point where we can’t ignore the effects our bad habits are having on the planet. So there’s no doubt that we should be thinking about

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LLAF Collective: Bags For Life

Handcrafted leather goods are meant to stay with us for years, and in this day and age especially, it’s important to promote sustainability and long-term wear vs. fast fashion. Scandinavian

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