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5 Designs Worth a Flight Ticket

If you’ve booked your holiday this summer then be sure to allow time for these innovative and striking designs in your schedule. (If you haven’t booked anywhere yet then check out these stunning holiday homes I looked

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I’ll Walk With You | Hildur Interview

It has been just three months since Icelandic singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir released her very first single as a solo artist that subsequently propelled to the top of local music charts.

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Hlín Reykdal | The Colors of the Imagination

The Icelandic fashion designer Hlín Reykdal makes jewellery made of beads of wood that are hand painted. Each piece is unique. It’s like she makes a world of colors where

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Into the Glacier: Once in a Lifetime Adventure

A man made ice cave is Iceland’s newest tourist attraction. The ice cave is in Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier, 1260 m above sea level. There you can experience once

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The Weather Diaries in Nordic House

Last Friday was the opening of Cooper & Gorfer’s Nordic Fashion Biennale exhibition “The Weather Diaries” that consists of photographs featuring fashion design from the nordic region – specifically Iceland,

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DesignMarch 2016 | Day 4

Kiosk is a beautiful shop filled with local Icelandic fashion design and on Saturday, the store presented a photography exhibition featuring new images of garmets from the most recent lines

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Achtung Graphic Designers: Mockups To Take Your Designs To The Next Level

There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating authentic designs, but what if there was a way to save time on putting it all together in a presentation? Whether

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Danish Band Liima Open Their Studio in London

It’s not very often that a band opens it’s studio to the public, but Liima are no ordinary band. Rising from the hiatus of Danish super band Efterklang, Liima consists

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CPH:DOX comes to an end

Pictured above: still from ‘Facebookistan’ The thirteenth edition of Denmark’s renowned documentary festival CPH:DOX came to an end last weekend. Taking place from the 5-15th of November, the festival screened

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Scandinavian Office| KiCK Copenhagen

We may have our differences, but we can unite on one thing – you have been or will be working in an office environment at some point (even if that

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