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Mood board: Thinking of

What are you thinking of? This week’s mood board looks to paintings and the brush strokes that have touched the canvas. Photos: Pinterest Find more Mood boards here!

Mood board: Yellow

Photos: Pinterest

Mood board: Inside

Photos: Pinterest

Mood board: Pure

Photos: Pinterest

Mood board: Red Plastic

What I’m thinking about right now: Materials that one really can feel, touch. I want to take part of and observe fashion and art in other ways than wearing and

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Mood board: Inhale Exhale

Hello dear ones, here’s another moodboard for you. Just images that make you feel relaxed and inspired.   Photos found here.

Mood board: DENIM

My mind is obsessed with denim, layers and beautiful combinations. Please choose wisely, organic and preferably second hand. Now, make your Sunday brain disappear in these inspiring photographies.  

The Morning After – Happy Weekend!

Todays mood board entails the beauty and charm of the morning after roughness, which we are all too familiar with. Have a lovely weekend dear readers. Mood Board Images via tumblr

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