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Icelandic Jewellery Brand Aurum by GUÐBJÖRG Mark 20th Anniversary with the Erika Collection

The Erika jewellery collection by Icelandic jewellery brand Aurum by GUÐBJÖRG, will have you dreaming about Iceland in an instant.

Secret Solstice 2019 – Top Icelandic Acts to Watch

Next weekend, thousands will descend on Reykjavík for a music festival like no other. Secret Solstice takes place 21-23 June and is the ONLY festival that holds a rave in

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Iceland’s Citizens Reflect on 100 Years of Independence

2018 was the year that Iceland celebrated 100 years of independence. Last year I got an idea: Why not create a book where there would be photos of Icelanders born

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An Interview with Photographer Martin Cox – Iceland, Outerspace and Humanity

Martin Cox is a well-known fine art photograper based In Los Angeles who has created work across a plethora of avenues, exploring what landscapes are and what they mean, and

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I’ll Walk With You | Hildur Interview

It has been just three months since Icelandic singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir released her very first single as a solo artist that subsequently propelled to the top of local music charts.

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DesignMarch 2016 | Reykjavík

“HÆ” – The Iceland Design Centre invites us to the eighth annual DesignMarch with this friendly Icelandic greeting usually reserved for friends and family. It is especially appropriate now as

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Friday Fever: Iceland’s Fire and Ice

Iceland has really set itself on the global map of music with their thriving music scene. Producing musical talents like Sigur Rós, Björk, and Of Monsters and Men. All with

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Eygló – Icelandic Fashion Wild Child

Eygló is an up and coming designer from Iceland, her style and art is wild and modern, a true wild child of Icelandic fashion to keep up with. She is

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Sólveig Pálsdóttir Iceland’s Nordic supreme

Having taken a keen interest in all the different Nordic countries literary awards and festivals honoring some of the best Nordic Noir authors, I kept coming across a name of

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NORR11 Showroom Opening

 The arrival of NORR11 in Reykjavík is a big step forward for the interior design market in Iceland. From the turnout for last Friday’s grand opening of the showroom

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