Street Style Stories

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NordicStyleMag has a pretty powerful team of photographers, bringing the true zeitgeist of Nordic style to you live. Your unique sense of style may still be waiting for discovery on the street but we know it’ll happen one day.

But now that you’ve found us, we don’t have to find you!

We invite you to be a part of the launch of a new street style initiative, Street Style Stories. Every outfit tells a story, but not as much as the person who invests in it. With Street Style Stories we want to offer every thinking dresser an opportunity to share their style story with the world, with individuality and expression in the spotlight.

Along with being a platform for inspiration and expression, Street Style Stories will post a selection of stories and hopefully representing your style! The editorial team will compile submissions and the chosen street stylers will be notified by email.

So, dress to impress and express, send us your picture and a short story behind it and you are an official author of Street Style Stories. We promise instant gratification and lots of future inspiration.

P.S. Aspiring photographers are encouraged to join as well, sharing the style stories you find on the streets.

P.P.S. If you do not see the ‘Submit’ button, you are probably on a mobile or an iPad, please submit via computer.