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Heterotopia at Ungt Rum Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based photographers, Sebastian T. Thorsted and Jasko Bobar explore beauty and the human body in their current exhibition ‘Heretopia’ at Ungt Rumin, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019: The Know-How

Those, who enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera, will be happy to know the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival is back, starting today! For the next 11 days,

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Top °Nordic Instagrams ⎮vol. 2

Hola, y’all! As the summer is getting off to a shining start, we are feeling the love with the colourful Nordic Pride parades, magical festivals, dancing in the midnight sun

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To All Love Cynics
featuring Photography by Karen Rosetzsky

Love cynics, listen up! I don’t know how to write this without it just becoming another cliché text about love. About how people either desperately seeks to find it or (according

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Top °Nordic Instagrams ⎮vol. 1

Hiya, summer is finally here! We can smell the breezy air, crisp sun lotion, sweet ice creams & delicious cocktails. Now all we need is some Nordic inspiration for that

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An Interview with Photographer Martin Cox – Iceland, Outerspace and Humanity

Martin Cox is a well-known fine art photograper based In Los Angeles who has created work across a plethora of avenues, exploring what landscapes are and what they mean, and

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by Sonos and Spotify

The music giants Sonos and Spotify got together and hosted an inspiring event and exhibition. In the exhibition, Frida Vega Salomonsson and Linn Wiberg portrayed five young Swedish creative minds

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This Man Ran Naked with Horses in Iceland

American photographer Nick Turner did what we all wish we could do. He flew over to Iceland, stripped naked and ran around the scenic landscape with horses. Yikes, my jealousy is

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Iceland Through the Eyes of Páll Stefánsson

The Icelandic photographer Páll Stefánsson makes works of art. It’s as simple as that. Whether landscape in Iceland or elsewhere, portraits or whatever – he manages to capture the moment

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Photos That Were Banned from Instagram

Pics or it didn’t happen. Artists Arvida Byström and Molly Soda recently released a book with images that were banned from Instagram. In the introduction we can read that it

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