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Danish Musician Per Bloch Turns Heartache Into Song

Danish musician Per Bloch didn’t plan on making his new album, but heartbreak led to emotions, a 4,000km move to Greenland, and musical notes.

MUDAHULA | Wood, leather and seal skin

The Greenlander Anders Zeeb studied carpentry in Denmark and for years he has designed furniture and home accessories. He runs the company MUDAHULA as well as his own furniture shop

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Great Greenland | Fur of the Arctic

The high quality seal skins of Greenlandic fur house Great Greenland are used in the clothing industry as well as the furniture industry in many countries. The designers the company

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Ásgeir Pétursson – Majestic Mountains and Icebergs

He’s Icelandic. He’s young. He’s like a wizard. A wizard with a camera. Ásgeir Pétursson is only in his twenties but shoots pictures like someone with a long experience. His

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Bibi Chemnitz SS15

Copenhagen based designer BIBI CHEMNITZ has always drawn on the homeland as a source of inspiration when creating collections. For SS15 she continues to bring together small town Nuuk and

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An „Icelandic“ hunting paradise in South-Greenland

Reindeer hunting, river fishing… or if you are interested in hiking adventures in South-Greenland and to go along the edge of the Greenland Glacier: You can experience one or all

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