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Helsinkians! Want Lumene Skincare to Your Door?

Living in Helsinki, and want Lumene products delivered during this time of self-isolation? Wolt have you covered with their delivery service!

Battle The Self-Isolation Blues

As the virus is closing most doors, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy things from the comfort of your self-isolation. Try think of this as a time when you

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Metsä/Skogen – A Place of Calm in the Heart of Helsinki

Mestä/Skogen is a haven of tranqulity, nature and sustainable delights in the heart of Helsinki’s city centre.

Our Guide To The Best Coffee In Helsinki

Finns continue to top the world charts as the biggest coffee drinkers, with an average Finn consuming a rather impressive 12 kg of coffee per year! Whether it’s the cold, dark winters or

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Fiskars first capsule collection with designer Maria Korkeila at Pitti Uomo

Fiskars, the iconic Finnish lifestyle brand known for its high-quality home and garden tools, took a leap into fashion with a unisex capsule collection designed in collaboration with the upcoming

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Natural Beauty Brand Flow Cosmetics Reveal a New Alluring Look

Flow Cosmetics, the Finnish natural cosmetics company, has taken natural beauty enthusiasts by storm with their holistic approach to the alluring brand renewal. What’s to be believed according to what

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Laponie Skincare Creates No Nonsense Skincare That Works

Nominated in the Global Beauty Awards for ‘Best Organic Skincare’ and for ‘Best Newcomer’, Finnish skincare brand Laponie Skincare appeals with its minimalistic and straight forward-beauty range and stripped-back products,

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ROKUA Skincare – Organic, Nordic and made for Men

Organic skincare is trending, and the quality of quantity of such brands that cater to this is increasing, which means it’s on everyone’s minds. But, there’s still something missing –

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RENS Are Making Sneakers From Coffee

We love innovate ideas – especially when they involve creating sustainable solutions for the fashion world. The latest innovation that caught our eyes, are the coffee sneakers from RENS. Crafted by

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Rohje Watches: Finnish Design for Urban Explorers

Straight out of picturesque Finland, comes a watch made for travellers. The Adventurister, produced by the four founders of Rohje watchmakers, will draw you in with its functional, but sleek

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