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Interview: Dögg Guðmundsdóttir industrial designer

Nordic design has established itself as a genre of good design whether it´s applied to fashion, architecture, furniture or products becoming a recognizable commodity.  Emerging in the 1950´s, Nordic design

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Hildur Yeoman A/W 2014 collection – Yulia

Hildur Yeoman A/W 2014 collection – Yulia This year Hildur Yeoman took her designs off venue, experimenting with new ways of artistic expression. With plastic sculptures and bright lights, the

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DesignMarch: JÖKLA by Postulína

Hi everyone! Very excited to be writing my first post here on Nordic Style Mag and even more so since it is on one of my favorite things, ceramics. The

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Reykjavik Muses – DesignMarch 2014

In the recent days Reykjavik has been completely transformed and buzzing with creative events and individuals all in the name of DesignMarch 2014 in Iceland. With a crazy selection of

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DesignTalks 2014: Dealing with Reality

The theme for this years DesignTalks was ‘Dealing with Reality’. How does a designer, or really just anyone, deal with reality? After the opening ceremony and some opening words from

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DesignMarch 2014 in Reykjavik

The sixth edition of DesignMarch in Iceland is starting on the March 27 until March 30, organized by Iceland Design Centre. There will be around 100 exciting events, openings and

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