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FEAST Craft Statement Faux Fur in Copenhagen

FEAST Studio is a fierce, faux-fur fashion brand created in Copenhagen – bright colours, pop culture reference, custom-made pieces and more!

5 Top Copenhagen Takeaway Spots to Support in Quarantine

These are dark times for everyone, there is no denying. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most of us here in Denmark are following the government’s advice, facing weeks of

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Flatlist Eyewear: Framing the Cool Way

The words ‘cool’ and ‘effortless’ are possibly most used when referring to Scandinavian design, and with this Copenhagen-based eyewear brand it is no different. Flatlist was founded in 2018, but is already

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Danish Musician Per Bloch Turns Heartache Into Song

Danish musician Per Bloch didn’t plan on making his new album, but heartbreak led to emotions, a 4,000km move to Greenland, and musical notes.

Heterotopia at Ungt Rum Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based photographers, Sebastian T. Thorsted and Jasko Bobar explore beauty and the human body in their current exhibition ‘Heretopia’ at Ungt Rumin, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Muse SS20: A Warm and Elegant Escape from the Nordic Winter

Are you craving a sweet escape from the grey and gloomy Nordic winter? The colorful SS20 Collection from Copenhagen Muse might be just what you need!

Reform x Designers Remix: A Peek into the New Showroom

Taking a sneaky peek into people’s homes or office spaces can tell us a lot about the creative processes that flow through them. What does the studio of one of

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HVISK Launch The Hanami SS20 Bag Collection

HVISK, a Danish handbag brand inspired by the vibrant street style of Copenhagen, kicked off the new year with the launch of their Hanami SS20 collection. HVISK are known for their

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INTERVIEW: TABLEAU – Copenhagen Floral Design Studio and Art Hub

TABLEAU was started off the back of founder Julius’ love for flowers and design. Simple, right? WRONG. Nothing TABLEAU creates is simple, in a good way. Everything they create is

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CPHFW AW20: Street Style – Part 3

Photos by Galyna Baz for Nordic Style Magazine Catch up on everything you missed at CPHFW AW20 >>>