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Visit Sweden Launches the World’s First Design Museum to Go

Swedish Design Museum to Go is the world’s first portable exhibition aimed at exploring Sweden through local design. Find out more.

Metsä/Skogen – A Place of Calm in the Heart of Helsinki

Mestä/Skogen is a haven of tranqulity, nature and sustainable delights in the heart of Helsinki’s city centre.

In Conversation: Swedish Talk Show Host, Fredrik Skavlan

Skavlan’s temporary production room at the Sky Studios in London is the centre of a global operation. The show, broadcast across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, is presented by a Norwegian

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Iceland Airwaves 2020 – First Acts Announced

I can’t quite believe it, but it is that time of year again… ICELAND AIRWAVES ANNOUNCEMENT TIME. That’s right y’all! Off the back of last year’s stellar line-up that included

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The Best Sauna Experiences In The Nordics

As the ancient Chinese healing technique Gua Sha took over our beauty routines last year, we want to look into and share some traditional Nordic health and beauty routines too.

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Our Guide To The Best Coffee In Helsinki

Finns continue to top the world charts as the biggest coffee drinkers, with an average Finn consuming a rather impressive 12 kg of coffee per year! Whether it’s the cold, dark winters or

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In Conversation: Alison Allfrey – Author of ‘So Sweden: Living Differently’

Riding the wave of Scandi fascination, there’s been a growing output of books about living in Scandinavia recently. One author to share her time in Sweden is Alison Allfrey, a

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Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Still looking for Christmas gifts but run out of ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Nordic Christmas Gift guide gives you a few golden tips on what to

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In Conversation: Fia Gulliksson – Swedish Restaurateur, Radio Host, Entrepreneur

“Did you know there are over eight thousand types of potato?” Fia Gulliksson asks me as she brings my coffee. I didn’t. Gulliksson describes herself as a ‘passionate potato’: down

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In Conversation: Benjamin Mitrofan-Norris on Bringing Finland to Bristol via The Nordic Café

With Nordic culture becoming a source of inspiration worldwide, there’s no shortage of Nordic inspired shops, buildings and restaurants. We sat down with Benjamin Mitrofan-Norris, who runs The Nordic Café, a

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