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Category Thoughts

I Got My Heart a Bit Broken, Again

Recently got my heart a bit broken. How can a heart be “a bit broken” you wonder? Well, you know nearly-headless-Nick in Harry Potter? It’s like that. Hurts like a motha

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What’s On My Heart

Sometimes I want to stop. Everything. Just stop time, forever. Other times I want it all to fast-forward. Run through moments, make them pass quickly, as if to move on

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We are All Strong, We are All Weak and We All Need to Pee Sometimes

With the AW17 Scandinavian fashion weeks behind us there is a trend I think should be discussed. I don’t know how many press releases and interviews I have read where

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Silent Homophobia is Like a Virus

Since forever, or at least for as long as I can remember, I’ve considered myself a wounded diva, the family drama queen. With skin thin as silk paper and a

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