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Category Kids

Norwegian VITVIU Enlightens Us!

If you head over to the official site to visit Norway you will see that they are telling us to “Get Enlightened” and of course, whilst this is referring to the

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Exclusive: Mini Rodini & Adidas Originals Collaboration

The moment Nordic Style Mag was chosen as one of the selected few to be told in advance and be able to feature a very exciting collaboration in the kids

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Mini Rodini Festive Fashion with Harrods

If I ask you to think of an elite Swedish kid’s fashion house, I know that Mini Rodini will be at the forefront of your mind. Now, if I ask you to

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Aarrekid – Funky Finnish brand

Finnish kids brand AARREKID has a story for every garment! Don’t believe me?     “When the crabs are busy bedecking the seafloor with every kind of plant, you can

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Mini A Ture – Copenhagen

There is nothing ‘mini’ about the impact that Mini A Ture Copenhagen is having on the Nordic and worldwide kid’s fashion scene! “MINI A TURE is the illusion of our

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Icelandic Iglo+Indi Celebration

I saw on Instagram that there was a celebration in the world of kid’s fashion happening. So, I decided to find out about what I was missing! And there they

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Timeless Children’s Wear | dóttir by GuSt

Guðrún Kristín Sveinbjörnsdóttir is an Icelandic fashion designer and dressmaker who runs the company GuSt in Reykjavík. Her most recent ambition is her girls clothing collection “dottir”. She uses Icelandic

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Tulipop – The colorful world of Bubble and Gloomy

They live in the country where the fire plays with the ice and the darkness plays with the light and that’s the country where you can watch the dance of

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