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Exclusive Blog: Jonas Eriksson


In the Newspaper ‘USA Today’

Hey y’all! This week has been hectic, I’ve had to focus a lot on school work because we have a bunch of important deadlines coming up. Fortunately though I’ve had

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Throwback Thursday – Central America

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with school and a bunch university initiation events. I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing great,

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Varsity Jacket – Outfit

A couple of months ago (so weird, feels like yesterday) I went to Stockholm to see my friend Ellen, shoot some street style and smell the cherry blossoms. I wore

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My Friend Ellen

How rude of me not to fully introduce Ellen. Apart from being Nordic Style’s street style photographer in Stockholm she is also a journalist, model, blogger, stylist, street style guru

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Why I’m a Blogger

Hey there! These photos are actually the reason why I’m writing this blog post. They’re the reason I ever started writing for Nordic Style in the first place. See, back

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April Brunch

I just had to show you guys this picture from Easter. Majken, Jim and I invited some friends over for brunch and it was amazing. I love my friends and

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Sunday Outfit

Hey there! Last Sunday I went with my friend Ellen to a press event with Demi Lovato. Unfortunately (?) we had been given the wrong time so we ended up

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My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Well, the headline says it all so here’s my absolute favourite Instagram accounts. @ellenpan_ She’s not only on this list because she put me on her favourites list and the fact that she’s

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Back to School – Outfit Inspiration

So I’m finally (?) back in school. It feels like forever ago but I’m really excited and ready to move on with my life, learn new things and hopefully get

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Fashion Week in Stockholm

Yikes, Fashion Week is over! I don’t have any more reviews to finish, which is quite convenient because I felt like I needed a little break. This fashion week was

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