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Exclusive Blog: Jonas Eriksson


Going To Berlin

Hi there, How’s it hanging? Cool, with me? Well.. I just booked tickets to Berlin! (!!!!) The excitement is real. I’m flying over next Monday and I’ve never visited any part

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Favorite Apps on My iPhone

I love my phone, that’s no secret and I’ve always been somewhat of a tech geek. But I’m also a fan of minimalism, so when it comes to downloading apps,

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How Could It Happen?

I got these from Martina a while back but I never really looked at them. But damn, they are really cool. Right? I absolutely love the editing, it looks so

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Morning Coffee + My Friday

Good morning! Okay, I can admit that it’s no longer morning when I post this. And depending on who you ask 11:35, when the picture above was taken, may or

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Welcome Home

Hey guys! Welcome to my crib. I think I’ve never shown my apartment here one the blog. It’s really cute actually, and I love that it’s located in the picturesque

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Menswear Inspiration

Hola mis amores! I know, I know. You’ve missed me. I missed you too. But I’m back. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks – final days of school, I

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15 Random Questions

I thought it was about time you got to know me a little better. Well, maybe not. These are not really informative questions but hey, at least they’re different. I

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Old Town Stockholm

Weekend, yey, and I have so much studying to do, and packing. But I’m just chilling, watching series in bed and playing with my new camera instead. Are you pro-procrastinators

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I’m on Snapchat

Yo! Yes, I’m cool enough to say that. I guess most of you (all of you) have Snapchat and are as obsessed with it as I am. My favorite filters

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How to Clean White Shoes – Tutorial

Hey there! I know, I know. I promised to give you a new video last week but I completely ditched the idea I had worked on and started all over.

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