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Category Jewelry

TID Watches Create a Colourful Modular Timepiece for Summer

Back in April this year, Swedish watchmakers TID Watches (‘tid’ being the Swedish word for ‘time’) announced the beginning of their collaborative series of watches. Canvas 001 was a reinvention

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Editorial: The Silversmith

This jewelry editorial was shot by Swedish photographer Anna Malmberg for M.Sahlberg Jewelry and Nordic Style Magazine. The designer Mia Sahlberg’s creative expression is as varied as it is versatile.

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Bold with Bow

The first time I was introduced to the jewellery brand Bow label was at CPHFW SS17. We mingled at The Jewellery Room, a happening at fashion week where you can revel

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Feminism, Future, Freedom, Fuck – Frida Gustavsson Jewelry

Supermodel and feminist Frida Gustavsson collabs with the designer duo Andeliusgribbe on a feminist inspired jewelry called “The F Piece”.  The main inspiration came from the letter F, which not

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All Blues for Emma Watson

Hermione Granger, errrr I mean Emma Watson, is my long lost love. She’s not aware of it but we’re getting married someday in the future, because we love each other

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Jewelry for Everyone – Baumgarten di Marco

Baumgarten di Marco creates jewelry with the aim to be the line between simplicity and elegance. Their jewelry consists of the parts that remain from the diamond-cutting process. Their ambition is to

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Cygnus by Aurum

This past Thursday was the celebration of Aurum’s 17th anniversary as well as the local unveiling of their new collection Cygnus. Aurum was founded in Iceland in 1999 by designer

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The Jewelry Guide 2016

Welcome to the Nordic Style Jewelry Guide of 2016, where we guide you through some of the most amazing jewelry and accessories out there. All pieces may not be Nordic,

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A Celebration of the Unexpected | Orr Jewellery

Orr is like a world of its own. Orr is a jewellery shop in downtown Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, where you can find jewellery that is simply a work

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SIGN | Reflecting the Beauty of the Icelandic Nature

Ingi Bjarnason is an Icelandic goldsmith who runs the company SIGN that sells jewellery in 40 stores in Iceland, Sardinia and New York. “Iceland is my muse, my goddess of

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