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Joel Kinnaman: “If Trump wins I move back to Sweden”

Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman is internationally known for his roles in ‘The Killing’, ‘Robocop’, and ‘Suicide Squad’, which premieres on August 5. Kinnaman moved permanently to the US a couple of

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Alicia Vikander’s ‘Tomb Raider’ Release Date Announced

Alicia Vikander’s first go as the action heroine Lara Croft in ‘Tomb Raider’ has finally an official release date. It’s set to hit movie theatres March 16, 2018 and it couldn’t come

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CPH:DOX comes to an end

Pictured above: still from ‘Facebookistan’ The thirteenth edition of Denmark’s renowned documentary festival CPH:DOX came to an end last weekend. Taking place from the 5-15th of November, the festival screened

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CPH:DOX – One of the world’s biggest documentary festivals

All across Denmark, award winning and innovative documentaries are currently being screened, discussed and celebrated. CPH:DOX is one of the world’s biggest documentary festivals, taking place from the 5-15th of

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Far; by Louis Bodnia & Alexander Saphir. Feat Kim Bodnia

I first came across this short film called ‘Far’ on Kickstarter which was being promoted by Louis Bodnia and Alexander Saphir. Here was some guys who were looking for donations

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Armi Alive! – The Creation of Marimekko

Armi Alive! was created to tell the story of Marimekko and one of its most infamous founders, Armi Ratia. Marimekko is probably one of the most well know brands to derive from

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Interview: Heiðrik á Heygum wins 2014 Faroese Film Awards

“I didn’t expect to win at all” Faroese film maker Heiðrik á Heygum won both the Jury Award and the Audience Award at the 2014 Faroese Film Night. The award

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The winners of the Nordic Council prize 2014

75 nominees from all over the Nordic Region were in the City Hall in Stockholm tonight, the 29th October 2014. These creatives were nominated for the Nordic Council prizes for literature,

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Interview with Sakaris Stórá: Faroese film selected for Berlin International Film Festival

By Stephan Lücke Maria hesitates when her best friend Birita offers her some pills, but – what the hell? Her mother’s away and they are both desperate to have some

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Young director wins Faroese film award

Dávur Djurhuus is the winner of the Faroese film award Geytin 2013. The prize was given to the young film director during an award ceremony held last week at the

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