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CPHFW – Barbara I Gongini SS17

The Faroese brand Barbara I Gongini is back with another artful collection suitable for all, especially the bold and environmentally conscious. As it is accustomed, the collection is not only progressive but

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Friday Fever– Brynjolfur with M25

Back in 2014 our writer Stephan Lücke interviewed the Faroese producer and DJ Brynjolfur. They discussed the development of Brynjolfur’s music career and compared the Danish electro scene to the

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Helgi: “I want to share my art and see where this can lead me”

Helgi is known for experimental electronic music, DJing and modeling. Soon he will release the first single off his new EP. Stephan of Nordic Style spoke to the 30-year-old Faroese about

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Eivør: „I feel sad when I am not creative“

Eivør is the internationally most acclaimed musician from the Faroe Islands. Stephan Lücke met her during her Germany tour in November and spoke with her about her way to stardom,

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BARBARA I GONGINI has brought Nordic Noir to the global fashion community for 10 years now. She is renowned for her gothic looks and almost exclusive use of black which is

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Friday Fever: Festivals in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands may be small, but they offer some of the most magical music festivals. Even though there are not many, they are surely worth their while. Experience Faroese

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Interview with HULDA

First concert tour, debut album set for release: Exciting times ahead for Rannvá Helenudóttir, the woman behind the Faroese electro pop project HULDA. Stephan of Nordic Style Magazine talked with

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Interview: Heiðrik á Heygum wins 2014 Faroese Film Awards

“I didn’t expect to win at all” Faroese film maker Heiðrik á Heygum won both the Jury Award and the Audience Award at the 2014 Faroese Film Night. The award

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Interview: Hergeir Á. Staksberg behind the Faroese band Steso

“Make people feel happy and warm inside” Steso is one of the most ethereal and atmospheric bands to emerge from the Faroe Islands. Two years have passed since the release

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Faroese Christmas with Drífa Hansen

Half-Faroese, half-Icelandic opera singer Drífa Hansen shares with us the magical traditions of Christmas in the Faroe Islands. Faroese Christmas “We eat a lot. One should think we’d been starving all

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