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Category Editorial

Editorial: Golden Wonder

Have a look at our latest editorial Golden Wonder, shot by Vegar Herstrøm. A mix of natural colors, calmness and leather pieces.   Weekday, H&M, Zara, Dr. Martens Zara, Bjørg

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Editorial: First Day of Spring

Spring has soon sprung all over the Nordics, and what better way than to spend the warmer days by sleeping in, walking around the Copenhagen parks and smell the springtime air.

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Editorial: I Dream Away

An unconventional beauty captured in scenic, dreamy surroundings. Where hard meets soft, the oceans meets the sun. Part of the wind, the waves, hitting, resting against the rocks. The sunrays

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Editorial: Fragility

Your fragility is your strength – Pina Bausch. This editorial was inspired by the work of the contemporary dancer Pina Bausch. The team wanted to reinterpret one of her well-known

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Editorial: Akyo

Our latest editorial, shot by Kamila Scheltser Pinilla and styled by Carl Collin, is inspired by Japanese art and the elements of the underground punk waves. Have a look! Stylist & makeup artist:

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Editorial: Nature Tranquility

Take a moment and enjoy our latest editorial: Nature Tranquility. Shot by Robin Berglund and styled by Stasia Michael.   Knit: Gina Tricot.   Jacket: Humana Second Hand, Top: Vintage.  Knit:

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Editorial: On the Loop

Fashion brand Algorithme was founded in Denmark by Polish-born designer Marta Dolska. This editorial is shot with her designs by Krzysztof Wieczorek. “Algorithme is all about people, and I want to

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Editorial: Velvet

Our latest editorial ‘Velvet’ is shot by Hildur Agustdottir. For more editorials – click here! PHOTOGRAPHER: HILDUR AGUSTSDOTTIR @hilduragustsdottir_ STYLING: MELISA YASMIN BOYALIKLI @mel_boyalikli MAKEUP ARTIST: TOM FRASER @tomfrasermua HAIR:

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Editorial: Neo Barocco

In Neo Barocco, we let textures mix and create shapes and contrasting visions. The new baroque, bizarre, in touch with the sweetness of flowers, silk and lace, and the harshness of

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Editorial: Queen of the Meadow

Christmas and New Years celebrations are over, and this season may have been filled with joy for many of us but we somehow couldn’t help but long for warmer weather.

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