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Top 5 Nordic Podcasts to Tune Into Right Now

Soothe your mind and boost those brain cells by listening to one of our chosen podcasts. Here’s our top 5 podcast lists from the Nordics!

5 Top Copenhagen Takeaway Spots to Support in Quarantine

These are dark times for everyone, there is no denying. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most of us here in Denmark are following the government’s advice, facing weeks of

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Flatlist Eyewear: Framing the Cool Way

The words ‘cool’ and ‘effortless’ are possibly most used when referring to Scandinavian design, and with this Copenhagen-based eyewear brand it is no different. Flatlist was founded in 2018, but is already

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Reform x Designers Remix: A Peek into the New Showroom

Taking a sneaky peek into people’s homes or office spaces can tell us a lot about the creative processes that flow through them. What does the studio of one of

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CPHFW AW20 – Henrik Vibskov: Submerged in His Vision

Possibly our most awaited show of every season, always proves its’ magical magnificence, by being extremely hard to review. This Autumn/Winter realm created by no other than Denmark’s quirkiest genius Henrik

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CPHFW AW20 – Tonsure: Alternative Millennial Man

The Denmark-based menswear label Tonsure has returned to Copenhagen Fashion Week with a dishevelled, underground presentation. In the dimly lit, shabby space of the Basement nightclub in Vesterbro, the brand

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CPHFW AW20 – Résumé: Toying With The Concept of Girls

Having now nestled down in the presentation form after last season’s equestrian-themed event, this season the Danish sister duo Résumé invited us to a sensory play at the A.Petersen exhibition space. Against pastel

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CPHFW AW20 – Søren Le Schmidt: A Firm Foundation

Held in a familiar corporate setting of Nordea Bank, the presentation of one of Denmark’s finest work was a dynamic finale to day one of Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20. Blending his

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CPHFW AW20 – Selam Fessahaye: Statement of Skill

One of our most-awaited Copenhagen Fashion Week debuts this season delivered beyond expectations, leaving us utterly transfixed. Take a step into Selam Fessahaye’s bubbling universe, where skill and panache together

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CPHFW AW20 – Rave Review: Second-Hand Meets High-End

Merging a non-waste approach to fashion, with the thrill that is this highly polluting industry, continues to give us a task many have attempted and failed. At their debut CPHFW

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