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Posts by Svava Jónsdóttir

The Future Series by Hjalti Parelius

Hjalti Parelius is an Icelandic painter who focuses on painted collage. He uses comic elements and characters as well as known artworks from art history. So don’t be astonished if

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ReyRey by Rey Abadi

ReyRey is a Copenhagen based luxury footwear brand. The designer, Rey Abadi, started with a complete analysis and found out that women need eight pairs of shoes. The styles will

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Iceland Through the Eyes of Páll Stefánsson

The Icelandic photographer Páll Stefánsson makes works of art. It’s as simple as that. Whether landscape in Iceland or elsewhere, portraits or whatever – he manages to capture the moment

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Tolli | The Mystical Landscape

The Icelandic painter Tolli makes beauty and mystique at the same time. His paintings are almost like from another world. “When I was a child, I was often drawing and

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YDE Copenhagen: Feminine, whimsical and modern

The Danish designer and award winner Ole Yde grew up in Odense like the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen who is known for his fairy tales. His brand, YDE, is

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SHOPLIFTER | The beast, wildness and nature

As a teenager, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, came across a “victorian memory flower” in an antique shop in Reykjavík. “It’s an old craft developed in Europe in the 1600’s and repeated with

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Iceland Writers Retreat | Eliza Reid Interview

Iceland Writers Retreat (IWR), which is held in Iceland every year, is a combination of small writing workshops on the craft of writing and a series of social events and

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MUDAHULA | Wood, leather and seal skin

The Greenlander Anders Zeeb studied carpentry in Denmark and for years he has designed furniture and home accessories. He runs the company MUDAHULA as well as his own furniture shop

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Great Greenland | Fur of the Arctic

The high quality seal skins of Greenlandic fur house Great Greenland are used in the clothing industry as well as the furniture industry in many countries. The designers the company

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A Celebration of the Unexpected | Orr Jewellery

Orr is like a world of its own. Orr is a jewellery shop in downtown Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, where you can find jewellery that is simply a work

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