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FEAST Craft Statement Faux Fur in Copenhagen

FEAST Studio is a fierce, faux-fur fashion brand created in Copenhagen – bright colours, pop culture reference, custom-made pieces and more!

Copenhagen Muse SS20: A Warm and Elegant Escape from the Nordic Winter

Are you craving a sweet escape from the grey and gloomy Nordic winter? The colorful SS20 Collection from Copenhagen Muse might be just what you need!

CPHFW AW20 – Stine Goya: Wrap Up, Reuse, Introduce

Stine Goya’s AW20 collection is an ode reducing and reusing! It encompassed details with elements of wrapping, reused and recycled materials, as well as the introduction of darker shades and completely

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CPHFW AW20 – Designers’ Nest: Fashion Sculptures and Wearable Art

We are always excited to see what Designers’ Nest has in store for us each year. We feel it is a true privilege to get to see all these young

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CPHFW AW20 – Designers Remix: A Chic Tribute to Sisterhood

On arrival we were greeted with sunlight peaking out from the grey sky, and ocean views from the bright and spacious cruise terminal, where Designers Remix was going to present us

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CPHFW AW20 – REMAIN Birger Christensen: Boss Ladies in Suits

Dark aqua blue on the walls and the floor welcomed us at the REMAIN Birger Christensen presentation in central Copenhagen. We were provided with coffee, almond cakes and lunch boxes

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CPHFW AW20 – Mykke Hofmann: Slow Down and Appreciate

Mykke Hofmann’s AW20 started with a one minute countdown. All around the show space banners were hanging from the ceiling, stating time-related facts about the collection, which the audience were

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CPHFW AW20 – Carcel: The Decisive Walk Towards a Sustainable Future

Danish fashion house (with a twist) Carcel did the honours of opening Copenhagen Fashion Week this season, and they certainly did so with a blast! The show started with visuals being

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CPHFW SS20 – Saks Potts: Sassy Latinas Stumble to Classical Strings

Saks Potts have been immersed in success and on everyone’s lips for a while now. The fact that everyone’s hungry for a piece of Saks Potts, combined with the news

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CPHFW SS20 – HOPE: Clever Essentials for the Scandinavian Summer

For the first time at CPHFW, Swedish brand HOPE made an entrance with their SS20 collection. They invited us to their presentation in the architecturally fascinating chambers of the Axel

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