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Posts by Mira Luhtala

Why yoga pants when you can work out in Formal Fridays?

Formal Friday is an innovative Finnish clothing label playing with the traditional terms of sophisticated clothing. Questioning why your clothing shouldn’t fit your day to day attire, the guys at

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Interview with Finnish Artist ⎮ KARUSOMA

KARU = rugged, stark SOMA = cute, pretty One Friday afternoon Ville Ruso, the artist behind the art brand Karusoma, opened up his studio for the public and anyone was

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Let’s Get Away – A Unique Swedish Tree House Experience

Thinking of escaping the chest-squeezing work stress and the dull faces in the morning metro? Why not enjoy the comforting calmness nature among the treetops? Offering seven different options the

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Self(ie) Love Club – Amanda Kiviniemi

Media’s attitude towards women and celebrities’ half nude pictures in product placement images are known for having a negative impact – especially on young women who tend to objectify themselves

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Näytös17 ⎮ Aalto University Fashion show

Näytös, the annual fashion show by design students at Aalto University, is one of Helsinki’s most anticipated fashion events. Tickets are sold out at a glance and among the buzz

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Marimekko SS17:
Fine Detailing to Iconic Pieces, or
Lack of Braveness to Create Something New?

Marimekko’s spring/summer 2017 collection is a nostalgic tribute to the 60’s and 70’s archive, reusing iconic pieces such as Monrepos-, Linjaviitta-, Liidokki- and Korppi-dresses and the Kentauri-skirt. Familiar prints and

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