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Posts by Jonas Eriksson

These Vintage IKEA Catalog Covers
Will Blow You Away

We’ve been covering IKEA quite frequently lately, and it’s no wonder – the Swedish furniture giant has (unintentionally) entered the world of fashion after Balenciaga copied the infamous Frakta shopping

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The Thong Everyone’s Talking About

So, here’s the thong… uh, I mean, thing, everyone’s been talking about. Balenciaga may have led the way by copying the notorious IKEA Frakta bag, but the real creatives have

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Editorial: Anna & Clara

Our latest editorial, shot by Eivind Hamran.   Photography: EIVIND [email protected] Makeup: EMILIE [email protected] Hair: Ditte [email protected] Models: ANNA & CLARA / Le [email protected] and @Clara_dam

Bro, Suit Up For Once

Did you know that one in five Swedish men (me included) don’t know how a suit should fit? And that every fourth guy doesn’t even know his own size. Are

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Avante Black: Making a Mess with the Drug Money

Avante Black is the UK-based band led by Swedish native Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten. Their explosive debut single “Drug Money” is far from what I typically listen to, but still, it came

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Who Wore IT Better? Balenciaga vs. IKEA

Who knew IKEA was so much more than cheap furniture, missing plugs, idiot-proof (questionable?!) manuals and Swedish meatballs. Last year, Kanye West begged to design for the retailer, so far without

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What’s On My Heart

Sometimes I want to stop. Everything. Just stop time, forever. Other times I want it all to fast-forward. Run through moments, make them pass quickly, as if to move on

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Let’s Binge-Watch Saks Potts Season 7

The Danish fashion brand Saks Potts is on its seventh season, and just like with all those really good Netflix series we want to binge-watch this season. Or however you’d

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All Blues for Emma Watson

Hermione Granger, errrr I mean Emma Watson, is my long lost love. She’s not aware of it but we’re getting married someday in the future, because we love each other

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This Man Ran Naked with Horses in Iceland

American photographer Nick Turner did what we all wish we could do. He flew over to Iceland, stripped naked and ran around the scenic landscape with horses. Yikes, my jealousy is

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