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The Books To Read While Self-Isolating

It’s time to sit down, pour a cup of whatever takes your fancy, and get stuck into a new book. Here are our top books for self-isolation.

Heterotopia at Ungt Rum Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based photographers, Sebastian T. Thorsted and Jasko Bobar explore beauty and the human body in their current exhibition ‘Heretopia’ at Ungt Rumin, Copenhagen.

The New Definition of Gender Neutral Dressing

In 2020, we are finding ourselves in a new definition of gender neutral dressing. This new definition is all about embracement, freedom, and equality.

Silent Homophobia is Like a Virus

Since forever, or at least for as long as I can remember, I’ve considered myself a wounded diva, the family drama queen. With skin thin as silk paper and a

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Nina Bruun Talks Muuto, Trends & New Business

After receiving her master’s degree in furniture and spatial design from the Royal Danish Academy of Design, Copenhagen-based designer Nina Bruun had joined revered Danish brand Muuto. Besides her successful

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NIXONBUI x Victoria Salomonsen

A story about personal energy, when two become one, and insecurities turn to confidence in responsible love. The dynamics of two inseparable souls in the open space and nothing else. When

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Ditch Scandi White For Kabe

Bright White, Off White, Winter White, Soft White, Mellow White, Scandi White – some view white as a safe option, but for many it’s the go-to paint color when decorating.

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Veras’s | Second-Hand Clothing Business Disrupters

Do you have clothes that stay buried in your closet, never seeing the light of day, since the time you put them on in a changing room? Having said so,

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Ruby Studio Shows How It’s Done

Last week we snooped around an impressive industrial-meets-minimal Aquaporin office in Copenhagen. It would be easy to think that office design is this narrow. There’s a certain set of adjectives,

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Scandinavian Office | Aquaporin Copenhagen

We may have our differences but we can unite on one thing: you have been or will be working in an office environment . Even if you’re a freelancer, you

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