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Posts by Elfa Ólafsdóttir

Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2017 | ANOTHER CREATION

This magical night lucky viewers witnessed bewitching models showcasing Another Creation’s feminine yet edgy design while strutting along the beat of a lone drummer, creating a unique vibe. The opening

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Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2017 | MYRKA

It’s pitch black and a single light comes on. A mesmerising tune from a mysterious woman fills the space. The opening act of Reykjavík Fashion Festival is in perfect harmony with

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Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2017 | CINTAMANI

Cintamani has made a distinctive name for itself in the local market and are looking to share their distinct vision with the international market. The brand’s emphasis is on producing high

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Greta Salóme | A String of Fresh Sound

Combining her fiery violin skills and unique voice, Greta Salóme is a singer/songwriter who defines her music as being a fusion of the pop/folk/indie genres. This summer, Greta Salóme released

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The World of SEB Design | Interview

Sigríður Edda Bergsteinsdóttir has made her mark in the jewelling scene in Iceland, designing delicate yet bold pieces of jewellery under the name SEB. She just recently launched a new

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Vegg Design | Sticking it up

Typically, sisters who feel like they need to spend more time together show up at each other’s doorstep more frequently, grab coffee or dine together. But not Kristín, Sigrún and

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