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Heterotopia at Ungt Rum Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based photographers, Sebastian T. Thorsted and Jasko Bobar explore beauty and the human body in their current exhibition ‘Heretopia’ at Ungt Rumin, Copenhagen.

INTERVIEW: TABLEAU – Copenhagen Floral Design Studio and Art Hub

TABLEAU was started off the back of founder Julius’ love for flowers and design. Simple, right? WRONG. Nothing TABLEAU creates is simple, in a good way. Everything they create is

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Martha Hviid: Self-Soother

Artist Martha Hviid concluded her most recent exhibit in Frederiksberg, Denmark this past August. Titled, Self-Soother, this collection of art was meant to: “Reveal the conscious and unconscious mechanisms with

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INTERVIEW: Eva Steen Christensen on Messaging and Perception in Sculpture

Danish sculptor Eva Steen Christensen uses her work as a visual expression of female positioning in the world and a inside out view on structures and use of materials. We

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SUPERFLEX At Cisternerne – Step Into A Dark Future

Although walking into a water-filled underground bunker for entertainment purposes may seem like a silly idea, let’s face it – you get wet by walking around Copenhagen anyway. If you

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Top 5 Danish Designers to Look for at FindersKeepers

Denmark is a real cornucopia of design talents, with little galleries and workshops on every corner feeding your daily craving for art and unique craftsmanship. There is no possible way

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Páll Haukur – An Upcoming Artist in the Scandinavian Art Scene

Páll Haukur Björnsson is a young and emerging Icelandic artist who is making his way into the Scandinavian art scene. After finishing his studies at the Icelandic Academy of the

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Artby Releases Latest Collection: BLUE

On September 13, the Scandinavian art brand, Artby, will be releasing its newest collection, BLUE. This collection features three limited edition art prints made in collaboration with Anders Granberg and

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Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019: The Know-How

Those, who enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera, will be happy to know the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival is back, starting today! For the next 11 days,

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5 Copenhagen Art Exhibitions Worth Seeing in May 2019

May is soon upon us, which remains one of the most active months for exhibitions and the art culture in Copenhagen.  We have gathered our top picks of current and upcoming

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