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5 Colourful Nordic Instagram Ladies

We wanted to get you ready for the dark autumn, by showing you our colorful instagram favorites this season! Theese five ladies will sprinkle some magic and color over your

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FRENN⎮Art inspired AW18 collection

Bringing a fresh breeze to this Fall, FRENN treats it’s customers to a rare collaboration with award winning Finnish artist Stig Baumgartner. Giving their collection a contemporary touch the print

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Mood Board: Morning Vibes

Positive vibes. Positive mind. Positive life. Images from Pinterest. Check out our previous mood boards here!

Digital Art: Ina Nederdal

We asked Swedish artist Ina Nederdal if she wanted to create a  digital art piece exclusively for Nordic Style Magazine. She said yes, and here’s the result. About individuality and diversity. How various

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Kiasma Commision by Kordelin

Kiasma Commision by Kordelin – some great news for artists! The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma has teamed up with the Alfred Kordelin Foundation to launch a new funding concept.

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Interview with Finnish artist | Isabella Chydenius

Isabella Chydenius (b.1988) is a Finnish interdisciplinary artist working on female and gender issues regarding taboos and societal norms. Her work combines painting, installation, sculpture, text, video and performance, and focuses

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Interview with Photographer | Vanessa Forstén

Quiet portraits that speak loudly through a soft color palette, heavy feelings displayed in a calm and harmonious way. The atmosphere and mood in the pictures focusing on the female

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The Park of No Bodies by Minna Palmqvist

Have you ever walked in a park where there’s people but no familiar body shapes? Where have the norms in society not yet conquered the minds and limited our imagination?

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U R ALL ME – a freshly launched Fashion & Art Collective worth keeping an eye on. The root and idea were for (the still anonymous!) founders to create an art

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When the Crystal Glitters

Reflections Copenhagen Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson are Danish designers who run the company Reflections Copenhagen. They design and then produce handmade decorative mirrors and crystal items, finely balanced to

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