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Metsä/Skogen – A Place of Calm in the Heart of Helsinki

Mestä/Skogen is a haven of tranqulity, nature and sustainable delights in the heart of Helsinki’s city centre.

Our Guide To The Best Coffee In Helsinki

Finns continue to top the world charts as the biggest coffee drinkers, with an average Finn consuming a rather impressive 12 kg of coffee per year! Whether it’s the cold, dark winters or

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Moods of Helsinki – AW19 by FRENN

True to their philosophy on relaxed sophistication with a contemporary touch, FRENN‘s AW 19 collection brings a fresh breeze for next season with bold, playful patterns and bright details to

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Slush 2018 – A Space for Tech Startups to Thrive in Helsinki

In the darkest time of the year, Helsinki explodes with energy for two days, as tens of thousands tech enthusiasts from all over the world take part in the world-renowned

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Grand Opening of Helsinki’s Kämp Garden

Bringing together fashion boutiques, showrooms, events and exhibitions, Kämp Garden is a wonderful oasis of Finnish fashion right in the heart of Helsinki. It’s the perfect place for you to

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Ivana Helsinki’s 20th Anniversary Collection

Ivana Helsinki celebrates 20 years as a independent art, fashion and cinema brand! Throughout the years, Ivana Helsinki not only have produced lovely collections with a melancholic vagabond vibe, but also

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Ivana Helsinki Festival ⎮ Superwood

Music performances at the hotel rooftop, in the sauna, in the heart of the forest; talks about love, feminism, animal rights; contemporary art and cool visuals; all for visitors to

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Mikel Rosen at EARS on Helsinki

The Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions or EARS on Helsinki is a series of organized of round-table sessions, conferences and publications organized through the collaboration of multiple Finnish Government and Private Organizations and experts. EARS aims

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Kuosit’s Helsinki Pride Collection

Pride is upon us and in the Nordics we love to celebrate in not so traditional ways. This year it was not a twitter storm from Sweden to Russia but a lovely

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Ivana Helsinki – Time Flies

Ivana Helsinki is back with the “Time Flies” collection whose Fashion Film premiered in Paris last Week. Shot in Paola Suhonen’s Grandmother’s Abandoned House in Finland this collection has a very cinematographic feel

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