5 Top Copenhagen Takeaway Spots to Support in Quarantine

These are dark times for everyone, there is no denying. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most of us here in Denmark are following the government’s advice, facing weeks of self-isolation and working from home. It’s a blow that will hit us all hard, but small businesses – especially those in the food industry – might struggle to recover from it in the long run. For the moment, restaurants and bars in Denmark are still permitted to sell takeaway, and it can be ordered for pick up or delivery via the widely popular app Wolt, now also offering no-contact delivery to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

If you live in Copenhagen and are looking to reward yourself for the undeniably excruciating social distancing you’ve been implementing, here are our top 5 gastro places to consider – tuck in!



Tommi’s Burger Joint

One Burger Offer of the Century, upgrade to sweet potato fries, oh and swap the soda for a pilsner, please! If we can speak the lingo, does that mean we should cut down? Most definitely not. Holding a permanent residence in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, Tommi’s Burger Joint offers fuss-free grub that’s affordable and full of flavour, and their grill is hot all day, for both lunch and dinner needs.

*Pro tip: If you’re on the hunt for a satisfying veggie burger, look no further! Theirs are like nothing we’ve had before.


Copenhagen takeaway


Mæxico Nørrebro

They cure hangovers, heal broken hearts, and pack so much goodness you’ll be full for hours. What am I talking about? Well, burritos from Maexico, ofcourse! A delightful street food concept that brings honest, simple food to your door, Maexico makes sense even when you can’t dine at their colourful Nørrebro venue. Don’t forget to add plantains and extra guac to your order – trust me on that one.


Copenhagen takeaway


Pico Pizza

What’s better than a pizza? THREE MINI PIZZAS! The choice of toppings for each delicious trio is completely up to you, which is the best possible news for indecisive anxious eaters such as myself. Pico Pizza is organic, sourdough, and baked to perfection, with that signature Neapolitan crust we’d all love to bite into. Dial their number now, unzip your jeans later.


Copenhagen takeaway


Guru To Go

Many people in Copenhagen would say this is the most authentic Indian takeaway in the city. Guru is in the position to serve you the most comforting of comfort foods, with a selection of velvety curries and fluffy naan breads, to dip in and share with those stuck at home with you. If you’ve been having bland pasta dishes so far this week, Guru To Go will seriously up your dinner game!


Copenhagen takeawayAll photos courtesy of the aforementioned companies 


American Pie Company

Whether sweet or savoury, pies have the magical ability to give us that warm, homely feel that we long for at desperate times. American Pie Company is the place to go if you’re craving crumbling pastry and classic fillings! You can pre-order a whole pie for your family, or just a slice for dessert, and they also sell frozen veggie quiches and meat pies to takeaway if you’re stuck on what to make for dinner. You’re welcome!

We hope our little guide has given you some tasty ideas. Stay at home, but be happy, healthy and full!

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