Battle The Self-Isolation Blues

As the virus is closing most doors, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy things from the comfort of your self-isolation. Try think of this as a time when you can do and learn that thing you’ve always dreamed about, but never had the time to. Now is the time!

Fun Learning And New Skills


Nordic Style Online Calligraphy Hobby self-isolation activityImage Courtesy of Script Creative


There’s lots of lovely Nordic creatives out there, and one that caught our attention is the Finish local Aini Mäensivu, owner of Script Creative who not only does event styling, but teaches modern calligraphy. This is the perfect time to learn this such a beautiful and delicate new skill!

Aini offers a starter kit for Modern Calligraphy (available in English and Finnish), with everything you need to learn this wonderful skill. The Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit includes all the necessary tools to start your calligraphy journey! The Kit contains an example alphabet, practice sheets and a guide for the correct hand posture and use of the pen. Aini created the starter kit with beginners in mind, however the hand-selected calligraphy tools are of top quality, and are continually used by professionals in the industry.


Brain and Body Stimulation


Nordic Style Yoga Online Oh My Goodness self-isolation activityImage Courtesy of Oh My Goodness


In this time of worry, we really need to give our brains a break. Luckily there’s a bunch of yoga studios offering sessions online for a small amount. One of the coziest yoga studios in Helsinki, Oh My Goodness, are offering online classes which you get access to for two months for the tiny amount of 25€ (that’s the price you normally pay for two yoga classes)! Not only will you get their lovely yoga classes to your home, but also a e-book on juice dieting, and another one full of smoothie recipes. Perfect for keeping calm and healthy during self-isolation! Oh My Goodness also have their own cafe that sells the delicious smoothies from this eBook, so once the ban is lifted, you should definitely stop by. The classes are held in a private Facebook group and are held five days a week – and don’t you worry if you don’t speak English, there are yoga sessions in English three times a week. The teachers are all fluent in English and are happy to guide you in English no matter what class you decide to join in!


Self-Isolation Self-Care


Noridc Style Yin Your Skin Gua Sha self-isolation activityImage courtesy of Yin Your Skin

Most of us don’t have the time to look after ourselves on a daily basis, so this new situation of self-isolation/threat of getting ill a.k.a stress we find ourselves in, could just be the perfect time for you to treat yourself. Holistic beauty entrepreneur Katja Kokko offers a much needed place of calm and self-care with her Yin Your Skin concept. This concept emphasizes holistic beauty using Korean skincare techniques such as gua sha, and Nordic stillness with the meditative bliss of yin yoga and sound healing. HOT TIP: Join the course before the 1st April, and you will have access to four of their new meditation and relaxation practices for the old price of 65 €. The price for the classes will rise after 1st April, so don’t miss out!


If your an entrepreneur, we feel you, and want to support you! We know this is a very stressful time for small business, and we want to support our locals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a feature or collaboration!


Featured Image Courtesy of Stella Harasek

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