Danish Musician Per Bloch Turns Heartache Into Song

Heartbreak can make people do crazy things. For Danish musician Per Bloch, heartbreak made him move 4,000km from Denmark to Greenland, and turn his heartbreak into a new album. His new spoken word album ‘Vi skal noget sammen’ [‘We Should Do Something Together!’ in English] takes you through the emotions of a lost love, and it’s definitely something we can all relate to.


“After a long and dark time in my life with depression, supported by my girlfriend, I was starting to feel better. She had confirmed to me that we had something together. But when she unexpectedly changed her mind, I encountered a new pain that was even worse than the one I had previously felt. Every morning I woke up and found that my nightmare was not a dream, but my reality.”


‘Vi skal noget sammen’ is a result of Per laying down is emotions as therapy, using his move to Greenland to process his grief and come out the other side. Even with the lyrical content in Danish, the undercurrent of the music is a wonderful mix of colours and themes that repeatedly captivate and enchant. Each track takes you on a journey of intense emotional progression and one that allows you to see right into the soul of someone processing their relationship coming to an end.


Per Bloch


The heavy mix of sampling, drum machines and processed vocals, come together harmoniously with more traditional elements like the harp, cello and piano to create the perfect hybrid sound, one of conflict and beauty. ‘Hun Findes Ikke Mere’ [‘She No Longer Exists’] reminds me of French artist Camille’s use of human-generated sounds, and ‘Alt Opløst’ [‘Everything Dissolves’] is a stones throw away from being a Trentemøller hit.


“I think everyone who has lost someone they love will be able to recognise themselves in the album and feel the emotions from when love bursts. It’s these basic conditions of existence that I have tried to express through words and music. For me, that was the only way forward.”


Per worked with a host of Nordic producers and performers on the album, and together they have created a modern day musical interpretation of therapy. You can listen to/buy Per’s new album on a variety of platforms, and there will be a series of music videos coming out soon to visually accompany the album.

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