We Put MÁDARA’s Organic Makeup Line To The Test

MÁDARA Cosmetics launched their first makeup line last fall with a stunning and bold campaign, that attracted makeup fans with their ideal skin-glow products. Their foundation is perfect for creating that fresh nude Scandi look we all love, and the versatility and playfulness of the products is inviting – not to mention their bold campaigns that empower everyone to experiment with their makeup, because who cares about rules when you’re having fun?

MÁDARA have been one of the most loved brands among the natural cosmetics lovers for the past 10 years, and now with a stronger vision on a safe and efficient skincare, they have launched a new carefully formulated makeup line! We know their skincare range is one of the best among natural cosmetics brands, but how do their products perform when put to the test? Take a read and watch the test below!

Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation

MÁDARA knows that when it comes to foundation their aloe vera based formula is a winner. Containing antioxidant-rich blueberry extract and comes with SPF 15, this fluid foundation not only enhances your complexion, but also cares for your skin. The coverage is light to medium, which invites a broader audience and makes the foundation a terrific choice for mature skin, as well as a safe choice for guys who want a more natural finish. The Skin Equal foundation is moisturising and best suited to dry and normal skin, perfect for creating that effortless Scandi ‘no-makeup’ makeup look with its dewy finish. The foundation melts perfectly into your skin, giving you that second skin feeling, and it comes in an impressive range of shades covering most skin colours.

Luminous Perfecting Concealer

The Luminous Perfecting Concealer is perfect for natural coverage on your under-eye area, with the moisturising formula applying smoothly, and with no risk of a cakey finish. The concealer works best for under your eyes and to hide away blushing cheeks, but for covering up pimples, it would need to a little sturdier to hold up to a day of wear. Enriched with hyaluronic acid the concealer makes an easy to use everyday essential, and it comes in 6 different shades. And guys, if you only buy one makeup product, let it be this one, who doesn’t want to look refreshed in the morning?

Brow Pomade

madara makeup

MÁDARA’s Brow Pomade impresses with its highly pigmented gel, just the tiniest amount and will have both of your brows done in an instant. The formulation of the pomade makes the application very smooth and long-lasting, ensuring your statement brows stay put the whole day. The Brow Pomade comes in three colour options, and is infused with argan, cumin and rice bran oils, as well as vitamins C and E.

Cosmis Drops Buildable Highlighter

madara makeup

Now let’s indulge a little in MÁDARA’s Cosmic Drops highlighters that are true glow goals – the stunning light reflecting liquids lightens up your complexion for an extra glowy look. With a highly pigmented formula you only need a couple of drops for your everyday glow, but if you’re looking to be the light of the room, it’s easy to build up for some full on glam – just wait a couple of minutes in between the layers to get the right intensity. Made from ultra-fine minerals blended together with hyaluronic acid serum, this highlighter will not only enhance your complexion with the ultimate glow, but is also kind to your skin. The highlighter comes in four magical shades and is a terrific glow product for whether you’re going for subtle freshness, or a full-on cosmic finish.

Guilty Shades Eye & Cheek Multi-Shadow

madara makeup

MÁDARA’s Guilty Shades eye and cheek colours are alluring, highly pigmented shades in a rich consistency, that invites you to play and use the product in a variety of ways. Guilty Shades can be applied on your lids as eyeshadow, on your cheeks as blush, or on the highest points of your cheeks as a highlighter. The versatile product is enriched with antioxidant blueberry extract, moisturising aloe vera and calming apricot and olive oil to name a few of the product’s skin caring properties. Creamy eye shadows are terrific for long lasting looks, and MÀDARA’s Guilty Shades are no exception!

Glossy Venom Hydrating Lipgloss

Images courtesy of MÁDARA Cosmetics

For some serious high-shine, the Glossy Venom lip glosses are not to be missed. Infused with antioxidant-rich blueberry seed and vitamin E, they only contain vegan plant waxes, providing your lips with high shine, care and hydration. The lip gloss comes in a selection of transparent, fun colours with a subtle, neutral scent that doesn’t feel sticky at all. The formula feels silky and hydrating, and gives the optical illusion of fuller lips thanks to the shine. MÁDARA knows how to do shine!

We decided to put MÁDARA’s products to the test, and created a neutral Scandi-inspired look, with a dash of red on the lips. Watch the video below to see the products in action!

Model: Maiju Markkanen
Makeup : Mira Luhtala
Music: Tukevat Kukot – Herra Hattarainen
Thank you to Sugar Helsinki

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