Fall Winter Spring Summer, FWSS Have You Covered

FWSS know how to make us Scandinavians crave the summer – yes, mentally we skip past the spring snow, and go straight into almost 24 hour daylight in our minds, it’s a much needed change. With their no-frills silhouettes, all-season colour palette and eye for detail, FWSS make clothes that are long-lasting and trans-seasonal, that you will want.

FWSS SS20 - Black tank top with white trousers
Leather jacket and black trousers

One thing that stood out to me about FWSS, is their commitment to how their business and collections affect the environment. With the amount of clothes being manufactured increasing, and the amount of times we wear them decreasing, FWSS want to make their garments desirable and durable, so you will wear them again, and again. With that in mind, their pieces are flattering and simple, nothing is based on ‘this season’s in-shape’. There are on-trend ‘features’ like leopard print, shearling, neon and tie-dye, but all of this compliments the brand’s base pieces that are wearable and mixable in any weather. They have mastered the true capsule collection.

FWSS SS20 - Yellow t-shirt and hair over face
Beige wool jacket with white stripes


All of FWSS’s pieces are made from high-grade natural materials, or if polyester is used, it’s 100% recycled. And, like any self-respecting Scandi brand does, they have outerwear in their Spring/Summer collection, therefore you’re covered, whatever the weather.

The collection also contains your required dose of florals and beach stripes, but in subtle hues that allow them to be mixed and matched. Their Kim Shirt dress is the perfect spring town dress, and you can easily pair it with a thick cardigan and boots in the winter, while their Sealiner wool and Magdalena suit jacket are a little on the thicker side, but perfect for trans-seasonal dressing and those fresh fall days. Looking for all out summer colour? Then you’ll want one of each of the Thale t-shirt and Kelly Long Sleeve – the pink, yellow and tie dye varieties will be your favourite throw-on piece. I will be wearing them with everything – trousers, skirts, dresses, nothing else, because a great t-shirt is hard to find!

And, let’s not forget FWSS ‘blue’; it is the perfect deep sea blue, that I want to wear head-to-toe, and I can. Could this be your new black? I think so.

Black leather jacket sleeve
White suit
White jumper with yellow stripes and beige trousers

I’ve fallen in love with FWSS since discovering them, and I really appreciate the brand’s value and mission to make what they design desirable in a less ‘shallow’ way and more ‘long-life’ way. But, let me reiterate, their designs are 100% desirable, on-trend, and wearable. Don’t let the word ‘sustainability’ put you off, because I know it scares some people into imaging hemp sack dresses…

With the fashion industry having to answer for years of wasteful trends and processes, transparency is important, and FWSS understands this. I love a brand that can answer the needs of your wardrobe and the environment, and like I said, FWSS have us covered.

You can shop FWSS online via their website, or at various stores across Europe. What’s your top tip for getting the most out of your clothes?

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