FEAST Craft Statement Faux Fur in Copenhagen

At Nordic Style Magazine, we have a big love for small, independent Nordic designers. One of the designers which we fell deeply in love with at first sight is FEAST Studio – a fierce, faux fur fashion brand. We had a (virtual-quarantine-friendly) talk with Nova Frangø, who is the creative behind this one-woman brand, to learn more about FEAST Studio’s furry universe. ‘I started FEAST as a passion project. Space where I could play and use my skills in design, tailoring and crafting – Really just have some fun with colors and statements!’ Nova explains.

In the beginning, she used Instagram to post pictures of her creations. Due to the many positive reactions she received from her followers, her passion has now grown into a full-blown and blooming faux fur fashion brand, selling its’ products in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and online!


FEAST faux fur jacket


FEAST Studio is all about making a statement, playing with colour, and experimenting with symbols and silhouettes. Each item is carefully crafted in FEAST’s Copenhagen-based studio, and the materials are sourced from within Europe, part of Nova’s sustainable vision, where she makes an effort to use every metre of faux fur. Jackets and coats are the main products of FEAST Studio, but statement pieces such as fur boas and hats are also included in the unique assortment. FEAST Studio also offers custom-made styles and many of the products are one-of-a-kind!

‘The best thing about running FEAST is just to have fun with fashion. I am in control, and I can make whatever I want. It’s really fun to make custom pieces for special occasions, where I get to be specific and detailed oriented.’ Nova answers when asked about her favourite part of running her brand. She further adds that, ‘This spring I will also be experimenting with some more pieces made from other materials than faux fur.’ Working outside the faux fur sector is a completely new direction for FEAST Studio, which we are very excited to see the results of!

FEAST white long coat


Art and pop culture are Nova’s main sources for inspiration, and she is constantly on the lookout for fresh colour combinations, and cool symbols to use in her designs. She also gets inspired in everyday situations and by the people around her, ‘Sometimes I just look at someone, and imagine what they would look like if they were a FEAST coat. I imagine what colour they would be, and what symbols and stated they would be decorated with. Translating their person into faux fur!’

Nova admits that it can sometimes be overwhelming to be a small fish in the big fashion sea, but that she has found amazing support from online design communities and creative networks, which inspire her to keep on fighting the fashion fight. She mentions Aparte and Creative Sister Society, ‘Here I have met some pretty cool and hardworking ladies that just inspire me so much.’ Nova dreams about seeing the furry FEAST Studio styles worn by more people: ‘Seeing my stuff come alive on all kinds of people is one of my biggest motivators.’ And an even bigger dream to come true for her would be to create a piece for the fierce Danish singer Jada‘She is such a star! But also, my inner fangirl would love to dress Paris Hilton, Frank Ocean, and Robyn.’

black coat with snakes


How would you see yourself, translated into your very own faux fur FEAST Studio coat? Now is the time to get creative and allow yourself to dream, with all the extra alone time provided by self-isolation, which many of us are facing! Besides, here in the North, there are still a few cold months ahead, where it would be perfect to add a trendy piece of faux fur to your spring wardrobe. Whether you’re the type who wants to make a strong statement in neon, or if you’re more of a cute and playful type who wants a sugar-sweet coat – Nova can create something for you!

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