Metsä/Skogen – A Place of Calm in the Heart of Helsinki

In the middle of the busiest streets in downtown Helsinki, there lies a quiet oasis, a soothing concept store bringing the calming vibes of the forest to where people need it the most. Metsä/Skogen is a new multi-sensory, slow living concept boutique in the heart of Helsinki, that provides visitors with a place to unwind with sustainablly made products and services that support sustainable consumption; including a clothing collection featuring classic everyday wear, a home collection with bedroom and sauna textiles, as well as a natural cosmetics line made in collaboration with Hetkinen Cosmetics based on ingredients from the forest. For the hungry, Metsä/Skogen have a harvest bar with wild food delicacies whipped together by the master of wild herbs, chef Sami TallbergMetsä/Skogen’s whole ethos is about bring present in the moment, and embracing your surroundings.

The concpet of Metsä/Skogen came from founder Carita Peltonen, during her burnout diagnosis in 2018. During her recovery she spent lots of time walking in the forest observing her surroundings – which for a long time have been known, to help alleviate stress, counteract depression, and lower blood pressure.

“Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t have time to go walking in the forest – and that’s when the forest comes to us, to the capital of Finland, Helsinki city center. The aim is to recreate a slice of Finnish forest in the city, complete with northern lights, the sounds of nature and the scents and tastes of the forest as a way to calm down on a hectic day. For travellers, the shop offers a unique peek into Finnish nature”, Carita Peltonen explains.

Stepping into the store, you’ll notice that the first thing you do is take a deep breath – finally, a break from the hectic vibe of the city, and instead your senses are filled with the sounds of nature and calming elements from the forest. Metsä/Skogen is the place to go for a late-night snack, indulge in a foot bath while listening to birdsong, and enjoy alluring earthy tastes at Metsä/Skogen’s Mushroom Bar, with a menu consisting of wild foods built around mushrooms. Playful dishes with forest based ingredients are combined in various dishes, and take you on a experimental journey through the country’s earthy tastes. Besides the creatively created plates, one can enjoy their Wild Royal Champagne – Blanc de Noirs champagne, with 13 medical herbs grown in Frantsilas Herb Fram, resulting in a drink with lots of minerals and vitamins, balancing the body and mind. Another drinkable treat is their delicious Pakuri Cappuccino, which concists of anti-inflammatory chaga and prebiotic-rich chicory, which make a kinder option to coffee for your stomach.

At the back of the store visitors are invited to sit down in cocoon chairs, to hide away in silence, and enjoy videos of calming nature and stunning landscapes. Visitors are also very welcome to stop by just to recharge and find calm in the city.

“Research shows that the positive impact of nature as a stress-reliever can even be felt on a short visit”, says founder Carita Peltonen. “The Metsä/Skogen concept creates an easy access to this experience in the urban environment.”

We’re totally in love with this concept, and bet you will be too. Metsä/Skogen have truly succeeded in bringing the healing powers of the forest to central Helsinki, where people need a place of calm the most. In a world where we’re always busy, and everything around us teaches us to be even busier, we need concepts just like this that teach us to slow down.

Images courtesy of Mestä/Skogen — Featured image courtesy of Mira Luhtala

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