INTERVIEW: TABLEAU – Copenhagen Floral Design Studio and Art Hub

TABLEAU was started off the back of founder Julius’ love for flowers and design. Simple, right? WRONG. Nothing TABLEAU creates is simple, in a good way. Everything they create is a structural hybrid of nature and industry, commercial and natural, soft and hard. The studio’s scenes are all hand-made and completely unique, constructed to fill a spacial and visual need. As well as creating their own pieces and installations, TABLEAU collaborate regularly with artists, providing them with space to show their work at in their beautiful downtown Copenhagen space.

Dare I say it, but TABLEAU may be the perfect answer to our modern sculptural needs. I caught up with Julius to talk about his love of combining such opposite worlds…

What made you want to design ‘vessels’ for plants?

I come from a family who has always had an interest in art and design, on top of working in the flower business. Flowers were a part of my life from a very young age and I started working in my family’s flower shop as a teenager – Flowers soon became a bigger part of my life, and something I was more and more interested in. I decided that I wanted to combine them with my interest in design and I created TABLEAU, a multidisciplinary studio where art, design and flowers blend together.  Designing ‘vessels’ for plants was a way to showcase them in a new manner, and to get rid of the boundaries between flowers, art and design.

How do you choose the artists whose work you showcase at your studio?

TABLEAU also functions as a gallery, and we host exhibitions from artists with whom we share a vision. We incorporate flowers or floral installations to underline or contrast with their work, and think it is a very important part of our DNA.


tableau copenhagen interview

tableau copenhagen interview


What are your favourite kind of projects to work on i.e. installations, editorials, consumer products etc.

Our works are highly visual, and we take a lot of pride in working on different kinds of projects. The name TABLEAU takes its origins in the world of art and means ‘scene’  – we try to create small scenes or scenarios in everything we do. We develop conceptual vases and furnitures for flowers and plants, but we also work with both companies and consumers on floral installations for different types of projects/events. It is about incorporating the customer’s DNA into the piece, in order to deliver a personal and unique result.

Prior to an installation, many hours of research and various architectural and 3D drawings are made – it’s a long process involving a lot of different skills. We often work with ready-made materials such as scaffolding or other pieces from industrial design areas or building constructions, as these parts work well as a contrast to florals.


tableau copenhagen interview

tableau copenhagen interview


What is your favourite flower to work with and why?

In general I like working with seasonal flowers, botanicals always look best when in season. I am obviously also very fond of working with coloured flowers, it makes very romantic looking flowers look more edgy and contemporary. I like using only a few components and types of flowers in an installation, as this results in a calmer and sharper finish, in my opinion.

What is in store for TABLEAU in 2020?

Plenty of in-house exhibtions! One being ‘Potato Press Pass’ by Anna Wæhrens that opens 20th February until 31st March. We will also be participating in 3DaysofDesign with a special project, and have plenty of other launched and exclusive collaborations in the works.


tableau copenhagen interview

tableau copenhagen interview


Make sure you visit TABLEAU (at Store Kongensgade 50), and let us know what you think of their work, and Anna Wæhrens’ exhibition!