HVISK Launch The Hanami SS20 Bag Collection

HVISK, a Danish handbag brand inspired by the vibrant street style of Copenhagen, kicked off the new year with the launch of their Hanami SS20 collection. HVISK are known for their focus on Scandinavian style and trends, combined with vibrant colours and a sense of playfulness typical for Danish labels. The collection certainly doesn’t disappoint as the blues, greens and pinks invite you into the Spring/Summer splashed with colour, where new materials, flower prints and details were specially chosen to ignite a passion for nature.

Influenced by florals and colourful fabrics, the Hanami collection draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition of ‘flower viewing’, marked by the transient beauty of flowers, particularly sakura blossom, which famously blooms across Japan every spring. The transition from the darkness of winter to the joy that comes with the spring was another inspiration behind the collection, with the blossoming flowers marking the passing of time and encouraging a moment of reflection.

HVISK Hanami SS20 Collection

HVISK Hanami SS20 Collection

HVISK explains: “Like Hanami, a new collection should be viewed and explored and are often popular in certain periods of time, and after a while the blooming is over and a new season takes place. 

Just like a flower goes from bud to flowering, this SS20 collection has been a process from idea, design and sourcing to a final product, and like the Hanami culture every step in the process is important and viewed in order to reach flowering.”

Hanami SS20 features handbags and accessories created with HVISK’s signature, detail-oriented look, designed to create a personal style marked by playfulness and the celebration of colour. You can find HVISK in selected department stores and retailers in over than 10 countries worldwide, and you can also shop the collection online! What’s your favourite piece? I’ll take one Neat Multi, Amble Flower and all the hair accessories please!

HVISK Hanami SS20 Collection

Written by A Girl Who Travels

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