Viggo Brings Us a Green Solution to Getting Around Copenhagen

Finally, after much anticipation, the Copenhagen based rideshare company Viggo, brings us a green and luxurious way to get around the city. With Copenhagen Fashion week coming up, what could be better than stepping into a perfectly heated car that picks you up at your doorstep? Not much!


“Scandinavia was ready for change! We founded Viggo because we were eager to rethink the entire concept of urban sustainable mobility by combining great technology and user experience with zero-emission vehicles. We want to challenge the status quo of transportation and the old ways of hailing a ride. The founders of Viggo come from a background of technology and user experience, as opposed to the transportation industry.”


Photographer: Anders Olsen. Campaign with Selina Alay,Photographer: Anders Olsen, Campaign with Selina Alay


Viggo was founded in Copenhagen only a few months ago, but already has over 15,000 app downloads, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has used their services. With great service to their costumers and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. All their cars are Teslas, so they leave little to no effect on the environment and with their slogan “Go green, and go home” they can drive you around town with zero emissions!


To us it is never just a ride, it needs to be an experience that makes you feel special. Our service is run solely with electric cars driven by trained drivers with a passion for high-level service.”


Make your life easy by downloading the Viggo mobile app app, and all of your rides will be just a button-click away. Give your bike a break this fashion week, and enjoy every event without a hint of helmet hair, we know you want to, and we certainly will be!

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