SQUARELY Blur Nature and Architecture With Plants

The idea behind SQUARELY is a simple and wholesome one – to bring greenery and sustainable design to cities. Agne and Agnieszkas – who both hail from Poland and now live in Copenhagen – gave up their jobs as an architect at a Danish firm and lawyer (specialising in sustainability and CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility) respectively, to pursue their want to make a change in the environment. Agne takes care of the design, and Agnieszkas takes care of the business, a harmonious relationship with great benefits to the environment.




Believing in the importance of greenery to bring about mood and health benefits, as well as for aesthetic and sustainable decoration purposes, SQUARELY planters are sustainably manufactured, easy to move around, and work beautifully in their surrounding environments – they are not in your face, and that is part of their charm.


‘We make lives greener and cities more liveable.’


Each planter is made from high-quality FSC certified wood, is coated in chemical-free oil for durability, and uses leftover wood from European furniture manufacturing to reduce waste. Each planter has its’ own unique pattern and colour, as Agne never turns any wood away, because she wants to show off the material’s natural beauty. Combining minimal design and natural patterns, gives the planters a sense of sophistication and provides a natural accessory for any space. Each plant’s ‘pot’ is a recycled plastic box that Agnes has collected, ensuring that these containers are reused and that SQUARELY’s footprint is minimal – a simple, but effective method of upcycling.



SQUARELY sustainable wooden planter


The planters also come with a self-watering system which means your plants can be left to do their thing, and your mind can rest easy that they are getting the hydration they need. Add this to the simplicity and beauty of the planters, and you may just have the PERFECT accessory for any environment.




You can get your SQUARELY planters online in a host of colours, sizes and set-ups, and they can also work on a whole interior/exterior setup if you need something more elaborate!

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