Scandinavian Colour Trends for 2020

With the new decade, come new beginnings; fresh perspectives, that newly-found optimism and a sense of expectation and possibility. As we gaze towards the future with an appetite for innovation and change, let’s not forget that the best way to start is exactly where we are – in our home surroundings! Pantone recently released its’ new colour for 2020 (it’s Classic Blue, in case you missed it). While the nod towards bolder colours very much epitomises what’s to come in the 2020 interior décor scene, it’s Jontun LADY’s annual colour chart that helps define Scandinavian colour trends for the coming year.

One thing’s for sure – it’s not going to be boring. With beiges and new neutrals ruling supreme in 2019, this new year encourages you to get adventurous and (gasp!) decorate with more colour.

Embracing adventurous, warmer shades is exactly what Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun, had in mind when developing the new 2020 palette. It consists of 12 new colours combined with eight timeless shades, each with a different character. The goal is to create a harmonious dynamic that brings together that understated Scandinavian elegance and an expression of colour and personality.

For those of you who think all white when it comes to Nordic interiors, LADY gets you to think twice, with deep mustard shades, warm caramels and seductive plums dominating the new colour concept.

Larsen’s philosophy is very much based on the understanding that colour has the potential to influence your mood and well-being. Seeing as the palette marks not only the start of the new year but a whole new decade, it was made to reflect a belief in positivity, personal growth and curiosity. This is why the colours were given names that echo all three.

Colour Style Trends 2020, Jotun LADY DaydreamScandinavian colour trend alert: LADY Pure Color 20142 ‘Daydream’ encourages you to dream big in 2020.

Colour Style Trends 2020 Jotun LADY Statement BlueLADY Pure Color 4863 ‘Statement Blue’ – This clear and strong shade is surprisingly versatile and will add a sense of tranquility to your space.

The curiosity aspect is marked by the introduction of matte shades. The Wonderwall paint, a winner amongst 16 other paints with similar properties, is long-lasting without compromising the aesthetics. The element of durability brings together the Nordic love for beauty and functionality.

Colour Trends 2020, Jotun LADY WanderwallThink green with LADY Wonderwall 8546 ‘Local Green’ – The colour symbolises local crafts and food produce, a nod towards sustainable living. Scandinavian colour trends for 2020 are all about harmonious combinations.

Those dreaming of adventures in far-away lands will be keen to try LADY Wonderwall Adventure, inspired by warm, earthy tones of desert safaris and sun-drenched dunes, evoking images of long journeys across the seas.

Colour Trends 2020, Jotun Lady AdventureThe warm, burn shades of LADY Wonderwall 11175 ‘Adventure’ bring to mind the heat of the Sahara Desert. Add a taste of adventure to your home with the cozy yellows, much-needed especially in wintertime.

And of course, let’s not forget the neutrals. Still very much a Scandinavian staple, Jotun certainly didn’t let them go unnoticed. But there’s a twist. In the true spirit of embracing change and experimenting with colour, the new palette encourages you to mix classic neutrals with more adventurous shades. Below, you can see Lady Wonderwall’s ‘Curious Mind’ combined with a darker grey colour, to reveal a strong combination that’s bound to transform your space.

Colour Style Trends 2020, Jotun LADY CuriousLADY Wonderwall 11174 ‘Curious Mind’ looks stunning against 1462 Gray Slate.

What do the new Scandinavian colour trends mean for the interior decor-conscious? The new palette may seem a far cry from the tried and tested whites and beiges, but is it really? Clearly, the functional minimalism is still here to stay, and the Mindful Living trend, driven by the desire for simplicity, harmony and the return to nature, is very much reflected in the warm, earthy tones. The biggest difference is the playfulness; a reminder that as the new decade rolls by, we shouldn’t take ourselves all too seriously, encouraging us to be a little different – and to live a little bolder.

Written by A Girl Who Travels — Photos by Line Thit Klein

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