Our Guide To The Best Coffee In Helsinki

Finns continue to top the world charts as the biggest coffee drinkers, with an average Finn consuming a rather impressive 12 kg of coffee per year! Whether it’s the cold, dark winters or a simple habit that fuels their love for the brew, one thing’s for sure – Finland knows a thing or two about coffee. Curious to know what the fuss is all about? Our Helsinki coffee guide will show you where to get your caffeine fix, so you can start enjoying your kahvi like a true Fin.


Best Coffee in Helsinki

Andante remains one of the city’s favourites, popular especially amongst the younger crowd who you will quickly spot typing on their MacBooks over vegan snacks and avocado on toast.

From the classic coffee flavours to green matcha latte served in colour-matching cups from Marimekko, Andante is the perfect combination of Nordic simplicity with the latest Helsinki lifestyle trends. Half-café, half-flower shop, the idea behind the space is to promote a “simple, sustainable and happy” lifestyle.


Best Coffee in Helsinki

Another local classic, Roasberg is a place where coffee meets art. Each month, the café showcases work of local artists, adding a taste of culture to your favourite brew. A perfect combination of comfortable, homely interiors, Roasberg is the type of place where a cup of coffee will inevitably turn into lunch and, before you know it, you’ll be sat there till the evening with a glass of wine in your hand. A perfect reminder that the art of coffee is all about slowing down and taking the time to relax.

Way Bakery and Wine Bar

Best Coffee in Helsinki

The name may not immediately bring coffee to mind, but don’t be fooled – this place serves some of the best latte macchiatos in town. Set in the bohemian Kallio, Way Bakery is known for its breakfast and brunch, with fresh sourdough, cinnamon buns and deliciously brewed coffee ruling supreme.

Oh My Goodness (Formerly Roots Helsinki)

Best Coffee in Helsinki

Our Helsinki coffee guide wouldn’t be complete with this place. Oh My Goodness brings sunny LA vibes to the Finnish capital, with all-day brunches, vegan goodies and yoga, packaged nicely into Instagram-worthy interior. A perfect place not just for your daily dose of coffee but a tasty detox – and a bit of exercise!

Written by A Girl Who Travels

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