Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Still looking for Christmas gifts but run out of ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Nordic Christmas Gift guide gives you a few golden tips on what to wrap in the soft and hard packages:

Soft packages

Images courtesy of ASKET.

Being 100% traceable and made out of the finest merino wool ASKETs sweaters make a lovely warm gift to give. Merino wool is nature’s own brilliant technical material and will keep its bearer warm as the weather gets cold, and cool during hot summers due to its breathable abilities. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial and have the ability to bind damp to its fine fibers – which means a sweater made out of merino wool will stay stink-free. Furthermore the fine quality will make sure the gift of this soft package will last time.


nordic chirstmas gift kasperi

Images courtesy of Kasperi Bags.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for an adventurer, photographer, bike enthusiast, teacher or just someone who just appreciates lasting design, KASPERI bags is your choice. Made to stand time both style- and age-wise, the materials used are selected for their durability, and the unique features of KASPERI bags’ is that they are designed to be repairable. The appealing design serves Nordic ideals of style and everyday functionality, as every detail in their bags is carefully planned to serve a purpose in day-to-day use. This design bag guarantee that customers can enjoy the value of this item for a long time, even a lifetime. And as the bag reaches the end of its journey, it decomposes gracefully without polluting our nature and seas.


Images courtesy of Compensate Foundation.

Looking for a gift for the Eco-anxious? Head over to Compensate and help them get a little relief from the anxiety by offsetting the emissions of the person’s everyday life. And why not offsetting your own lifestyle while you’re at it, nature needs a gift too. Compensate is a nonprofit foundation on a mission to combat climatechange by offering people ways to offset the emissions of everyday life. On their website, you easily can calculate your lifestyle emissions and donate to offset. Compensate invests in the planting of new forests and the protection of existing forests, all of their operations and the use of compensation payments are transparent and publicly visible at their website.


Hard packages

Images courtesy of graphic designer Tiina Ripotti Toledo.

As the year 2019 is wrapping up and we’re looking back on what’s been on and about, one topic that stands out in different industries is sustainability. This has been one of the hottest topics among creatives in the fashion industry as well – so thinking about Christmas gifts, nothing could be more on point to give than the gift of knowledge for the fashion interested friend. Kirsi Niinimäki, an Associate Professor at Aalto University, Helsinki and one of the prominent researchers in sustainable fashion, published her second book Sustainable fashion in a circular economy”  which takes a deep dive into the vital and contemporary matter of circular economy. The publication opens up the emerging issues in changing our linear way of thinking towards circularity and highlights the fresh, critical thinking that is currently influencing the fashion industry. This interesting read written together with experts of design, consumption, business and industry shares thoughts and up-to-date research on how circularity in the production and consumption of fashion can be approached in various ways, and how the practice of sustainable transformation within a circular economy is adopted.


Images courtesy of Lone Deer Laredoo.

What wouldn’t be a greater option for a music lover than to give the gift of exploring new music in the shape of a good old vinyl?  IVANA Helsinkis founder and creative director Paoloa Suhonen has yet a new project and field of art she’s concurred: together with New Silver Girls guitarist Olli Happonen the duo have created soulful lyrics and longing melodies under the name Lone Deer Laredoo. The debut album consisting of soft, nostalgic love ballads makes for a terrific soundtrack for road-trips; the delicate, soulful tales speak of slow life with ever-present nature softly passing by on the sides of a golden hour highway. Lone Deer Laredo has created a dreamy soundscape that takes you on an imaginative, carefree road-trip among lush forests, dancing sunbeams, campfires and longing, empty roads that’ll soothe your soul.

Based on classic songwriting with Slavic-Scandinavian melodies Lone Deer Laredos debut album is recorded with legendary producer Brad Jones (Dolly Parton, Josh Rouse) in Nashville, TN together with musicians including Chris Carmichael (Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift) and Jim Hoke (Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, The Beach Boys).


nordic christmas gift float kallio

Images courtesy of Float Kallio.

Want to give a memorable gift to your special someone, or looking for a gift for someone who’s already got it all? Give them the gift of adventure and experience. Whether you choose to give the gift of a night in glass-igloos in the Arctic enjoying the Northern Lights from bed; a well earned relaxing hour for oneself weightlessly floating in a very salty water where the body gets a perfect rest and the mind naturally strives toward a meditative state; take them to experience the insides of a Vulcano in Iceland, or take them on a bicycle day tour in Copenhagen, the gift of an experience and giving your time to someone is one of the best things to receive.


Which one of these gifts would you fancy under the Christmas tree?

Featured image courtesy of Mira Luhtala.

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