Martha Hviid: Self-Soother

Artist Martha Hviid concluded her most recent exhibit in Frederiksberg, Denmark this past August. Titled, Self-Soother, this collection of art was meant to:

“Reveal the conscious and unconscious mechanisms with which humans, animals, and inanimate celestial bodies maneuver their ship through waters of stress, anxiety, or crisis. These mechanisms may include breath, rhythm, repetition, wave, cycles, and the soft rotation of change.”

Although this exhibit ended several months ago, the art that was shown here was meant to make us think about several things; the first being this:

“The platitudes of self-help are reminders of some universal truth, perhaps a kind of emotional autocorrect, but these founts of knowledge are empty of context and when pooled together they read like bombastic lunacy.”

The Artist

Marth Hviid received her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Royal College of Art London and the University of Texas at Austin. She has shown her work in several exhibits across Northern Europe, such as Galleri Specta, Den Nordiske Ambassade, KH7 Artspace, Moderna Museet, Camden Arts Centre, The Visual Arts Center, Austin and Years, and many others. One of her sounds pieces, Simple Harmonic Motion, is now part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Hviid has received recognition for her work, the first of which being Bikuben Foundation Studio grant in 2016 and she was nominated for The Remmen Fonden Art Prize in 2017.


This exhibit featured clay sculptures that breathe; soft seating and rippling waves in concrete, ink drawings on carpets, self-affirmation posters, a limited edition self-soother T-shirt, an audio mix, and an all-day music event curated by Escho Records and KIT Records. In addition, there was a specially commissioned text by writer and travel journalist, Alexandra Pereira. This text showcased her latest adventure as she went on an expedition to both poles of the Earth.

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