Nordic Christmas Gift Guide – The Beauty Edition

Looking for some inspiration for Christmas beauty? Whether your looking for a gift for a loved one, or a little something to treat yourself, take a look at these lovely Nordic brands that will thrill every beauty enthusiast’s heart!


christmas gift nordic ole kjaer weis


Kjaer Weis makeup is a terrific gift for makeup enthusiasts! Founded by the makeup artist Kirsten Kajer Weis, this organic, selective makeup line come in red textured cases, reminding me of jewellry boxes, inside of which the classy and minimally designed metallic makeup compacts lie. The products have a luxurious, valuable weight to them, and being refillable, the cases are to be conserved rather than recycled, giving you the opportunity to try out new shades as one runs out, or stick to your favourites for life. The colouring of Kjaer Weis’ products are full and rich, the formulas apply smoothly on your skin and feel wonderfully lightweight. The products’ performance is as you would expect from a luxury and professional-quality makeup line, and only Kjaer Weis achieves these results while being a fully vegan and cruelty-free brand, that only uses the finest organic ingredients.


christmas gift nordic ROKUA Skincare


ROKUA Skincare is a selective FI-Natura certified skincare brand, exclusively for men, and is our go-to option when looking for a treat. Manufactured in the Nordics under strict high-quality standards using only domestically-sourced ingredients, ROKUA Skincare delivers products that contain highly active ingredients, that act fast and produce results. The main active ingredient in ROKUA Skincare’s products is carbon dioxide-extracted blackcurrant seed oil, which is rich in skin-beneficial omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, and works as a softening and nourishing agent for your skin. At the moment ROKUA Skincare’s range contains three essentials; a face wash, face moisturizer, and beard oil, which all come with a fresh and light scent, that fades as the product is absorbed into your skin. 1% of their turnover is donated to an environmental organisation every year, and this year they’ve teamed up with WWF Finland who are working to protect the Baltic Sea. Good skin for a good cause? Yes please!


christmas gift nordic viking beauty


Know someone that loves Nordic beauty? Viking Beauty Secrets is a new Certified Organic skincare brand that is inspired by Nordic beauty folklore. Nominated for the Best In Show by Indie Beauty, in the category of ‘Best Overnight Treatment’, and ‘Best Clean Moisturizer’ by ThinkDirty App, their skincare line is based around four key ingredients; hyalyronic acid, rowanberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn – the later three ingredients are dubbed the ‘Viking super antioxidants’. Viking Beauty Secrets’ line consists of a few, but powerful caring essentials; their restoring day cream, revitalizing night cream and the oil-to-milk face scrub with volcanic Icelandic sand – all packed with their key ingredients which add glow and protects your skin – a great gift for someone looking for that Scandi glow.


christmas gift nordic ole henriksen


Known as the skin glow expert, Danish skincare brand Ole Henriksen is all about making your complexion the best it can be. Loved by celebrities across the world, these products are packed with active ingredients that function as a workout for your skin, and allow you to enjoy spa-like results at home. Ole Henriksens’ products come in a range of sets for different skin types, which is ideal to give as a gift as they are super adaptable. Of all the sets, the most loved – not surprisingly, is the O.M.G. (‘Oh My Glow’) Set containing a full-size of the instantly brightening Truth Serum, and mini C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème, as well as their key primers in mini form for the perfect glow; Banana Bright Eye Crème and Banana Bright Face Primer. A perfect gift for someone needing a little glow during the winter holidays.


christmas gift nordic madara makeupImage courtesy of Mira Luhtala


In the Nordics we’re big on equality, and what more could we ask for than to have equality in the cosmetics industry too. Madara Cosmetics launched their makeup line this fall, with a stunning, bold campaign alluring makeup fans with their ideal skin glow products. The foundation and concealer stands out with a broad selection of shades and is ideal for creating that effortless Scandi no-makeup-makeup look. Their ‘Skin Equal’ foundation is a terrific option for guys as well as girls, as the finish is very light and gives a natural look.

With all the great brands in this guide, you’ll definitely want to treat the beauty lovers and yourself! What brands would you add to this must-have beauty gift list? Let us know in the comments!


Featured image by Crista Repo, Model: Saga Kinne at Brand Models, Hair & Makeup: Mira Luhtala

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