Sibirien Stockholm: Salmon Leather is the New Luxury

Straight out of Stockholm’s neighbourhood of Sibirien, comes a one-man atelier, producing luxury handcrafted accessories. Since 2016, Daniel Ankarstrand has been hand-stitching leather goods under Sibirien Stockholm, and it has become a real labour of love. His fine products made out of sustainable salmon leather appear somewhat exotic, while still keeping in with that minimal Scandi look.




When we first encountered salmon leather, it almost had us fooled, as it resembles not-so sustainable snakeskin very much. Irregularities in texture and the slightly coarse surface is what makes salmon leather, a byproduct of the fishing industry, such an elegant, and therefore coveted luxury material these days. Ankarstrand most certainly recognises that, using salmon leather on the outside of all of the Sibirien Stockholm products.


“The leather is sourced from salmon farms in the Nordic countries, and then tanned in Iceland. Fibres in salmon leather cross each other, as oppose to ‘plain’ leather, where fibres go lengthwise like wood. The leather has almost the same feel as suede with the character of snakeskin, but a more irregular pattern. Over time it will gain a beautiful patina,” says Daniel Ankarstrand, the founder of Sibirien Stockholm.


Sibirien’s basic line consists of travel wallets, cardholders and watch straps, which together make for a consistent collection but can also be purchased separately. The five colour options are all beautiful and modern, yet it’s the burgundy and bottle green that make the structure of the salmon skin stand out even more, dark enough to still look sophisticated and unisex. All the products are made to order, and entirely by hand from start to finish. We don’t know about you, but we are already eyeing up the Sibirien online shop for some early Christmas shopping…





If you’d like to learn more about Sibirien, visit their website and online shop.

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