Pura Utz: Connecting Worlds One Bead at a Time

If there are no beaded lemons or strawberries dangling from your ears as we write this, that means you simply haven’t heard of Pura Utz yet. This Copenhagen-based jewellery and accessories brand employs Guatemalan artisans to create a cheerful paradise of glass bead delicacies for confident, modern women, while also providing talented craftswomen with steady jobs.


Pura Utz


The founder and creative director of Pura Utz, Anna Andres, was inspired to set up the label through her own personal connection to Guatemala and Mayan women in particular. From a very young age, she visited the remote country, with a dream of bringing a little piece of it to Denmark one day. “I feel a profound compassion and love for Guatemala — the amazing people, the diverse culture, the endless colours, shapes and forms, the tremendous mountains and volcanoes, the lush forest and jungles, the Mayan religion, the ancient dialects and everything in between the old school buses and corn tortillas,” she says.

Having grown accustomed to the meticulous tradition of weaving and beading, Anna created a brand, which similarly to labels such as Carcel, would reduce poverty through creating something beautiful for a larger scale. Through a close, heartfelt collaboration with her leading lady Bernabela, who oversees the production of goods and their impeccable quality, Pura Utz now employs over 50 weavers, who make each item by hand, to order. One beaded pouch can take up to four days to make, and requires the manual skills of three women!


Pura Utz

Pura Utz

Pura Utz


“We call our business ‘an empowerment project’, because our values reach beyond the wish to create income — we want to acknowledge the existence and worth of the women we work with.”

The universe of Pura Utz, although juicy, fruity and wild, somehow makes sense and finds its own special place within the minimal Danish aesthetic – and beyond! Acting as tiny remembrance tokens of ‘pretend jewellery’ some of us worn as little girls, Pura Utz earrings, necklaces and mini bags dazzle with incredible attention to detail and a very professional take on ‘cute.’


Pura UtzAll images courtesy of Pura Utz/Sienna Rousseau

It’s refreshing to find a brand, which embraces both the more playful and serious face of fashion, rather than only taking one of them into account. Wearing Pura Utz pieces for us is a statement of taking yourself with a pinch of salt – or in this case, sugar! And if anyone tells you tiny bananas don’t go with the office setting, tell them all about Pura Utz, they’re bound to change their mind.

You can learn more about Pura Utz on their website,and view all of their products in their online shop.

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