A Presentation of New Lighting Design at Villa Kultur by Pholc

Swedish design company Pholc, have teamed up with stylist Sofie Brünner to put together a display of their newest designs at Villa Kultur. Pholc have released three new lighting styles named Donna, Apollo and Kandinsky. Focusing on modern lighting design since 2015, Pholc remind us how important lighting is, and how it can be used to transform a space and a much-needed, but not often prioritised finishing touch.


“Pholc represents a timeless and updated aesthetic approach to design. We create expressions for private and public spaces that last.”


Kandinsky - by Pholc


Kandinsky – Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle

This stylish ceiling light is a twist on the classic “ball” shaped design, that so many designers have been working with this year. What I like about this, is that the bulb goes through the center of the glass sphere, and gives the illusion that the chandelier is a pendant. The lamp’s design is simple and warming, providing a beautiful center piece to a room that is classic, and brings with it 70’s romance.

The Kandinsky light comes in two colors, smoked brown and smoked grey.


Apollo - by Pholc


Apollo – Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle

Taking us back to the feeling of a pendant, this light acts like a set of floating candles. The design is perfect for directing light on a specific spot, due the shade’s conical shape, and is the perfect fit for a feature corner. The design of the light is very space age when presented in the light-grey/aluminium colorway, but I really like how the deep sea blue and brass colorway creates a warm and almost tropical atmosphere.

The Apollo light comes in 2 colors, deep sea/brass and light grey/aluminium.


Donna - By pholc


Donna – Designed by Nina Jobs & Stina Sandwall

The design fits perfectly in the surroundings of Villa Kultur but the question is, how it will look in people’s homes? Personally, the way the exterior of the lampshade looks like corrugated cardboard, reminds me of a Pinterest DIY. BUT everyone can put their own spin on the piece, and in the right surroundings, i’m sure the black ink and autumn leaves colorways can provide a much needed texture, and point of focus.

The Donna light comes in two different sizes – a smaller ‘7’ pendant and a larger ’18’ pendant, and comes in 4 colors – autumn leaves, black ink, blush and linen.


This exhibition at Villa Kultur is THE perfect location to show off these new lighting designs. Sophie and Pholc have worked harmoniously with the space to show off the depth of the colors and textures, making them fit seamlessly and accentuate the warm marble. My plans for today have changed…I am now going to Villa Kultur to admire the designs and location, while sipping on a double “it’s almost Friday” cappuccino.

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